Agenda 21, ICLEI, a Sovereign Busting, Freedom Taking Movement

I had the opportunity last weekend to travel to a conference called “Behind the Green Mask.”  Speakers included conservatives, liberals, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.  Most did not agree on anything politically in social issues.  However, once we learned what was happening to our cities, counties, and states in our country, we’ve joined arms and said, ENOUGH!   We will not tear one another apart because our Constitution and our very freedom and liberties are at stake.  That’s right a liberal Democrat, afraid for the future of our country and our freedoms under our Constitution is on the stump about this issue.  The Constitution has become her friend. The conference was held in Sonoma County. During the day-long seminar we learned the history of Agenda 21, ICLEI, and other organizations using environmental issues to remove our rights.   Many environmentalists are becoming alarmed that their movement has been hijacked by radicals using the U.N. Agenda to confiscate private property, remove our wildness land from public access, restrict energy, water, and travel.  Literally to change America as we have known it.

I thought “oh come on this is tin hat time.”  Then they showed us the Sonoma County General Plan 2020.  The maps showed their plans. The legend on the map was clear and showed paths that would confiscate private land.  The Board of Superivors tried to tax every private well in the county. It was defeated for the time being, but they will not stop. One of the Board of Supervisors, Valerie Brown, is a board member of ICLEI.  ICLEI is the International Council of Local Environment for Sustainability.  INTERNATIONAL. They have now dropped that word because it was exposed to the citizens and residents of town, counties, and states about the organization. The county placed 100-foot offset on a personal friend’s private property saying they do not have a right to the water. It’s true.

I would like you to take the 30 minutes to watch the following video.  It tells you the history of Agenda 21, our governments complicity in implementing in our country.  George H. Bush signed onto the treaty while in Argentina.  Clinton expanded it and now President Obama has created the White House Rural Council.  It’s all Agenda 21.  Approximately 17-18 minutes into the video the speaker will talk about YourTown 2020. Notice that is exactly what I witnessed at the meeting.  Folks, it’s here, and its here NOW! This is the biggest battle we will fight for our country since our Founding Fathers fought to secure our nation.  Our country’s freedoms are at stake, your children’s future is at stake. Vet your Presidential, Senate, Congress, County Superivors, Mayors, and City Council members very well. Do NOT take this lightly, I beg of you. Once you have watched the video I recommend a very comprehensive website on the issues. Please see


Article on August 18, 2011 :  SMART approves $171 million despite delays  (rail line)     This is a part of Agenda 21 to get us out of our own cars.  Be sure that regulations about driving on HWY 101 will follow so that they can regulate your freedom in your own car.


P.A. Smith




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2 responses to “Agenda 21, ICLEI, a Sovereign Busting, Freedom Taking Movement

  1. This is a back door effort and the public needs to be educated. Yes, no matter party affiliation we have to work together. Now it has been exposed.

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