Who is the real Rick Perry?

While many have been waiting for Gov. Rick Perry to toss his hat in the ring,  many are only going by his success of job growth in Texas and know nothing more.  Gov. Perry has an interesting past and has been involved in some very controversial issues in Texas. Many Texans do not approve of him.  Gov. Perry is a globalist, he is a Christian and that is wonderful but Christians have many views on how the world should be run. He speaks and presents himself well.  To vote for him on that reason alone is a mistake. Look at his record. We’ve already had charismatic votes for  Presidents and look what it got us – Kennedy, Carter, Clinton and now Obama? As conservatives we know what to do to create jobs; cut taxes and give business incentives. Many of our candidates are capable of doing what Perry did – they own or ran businesses.  Gov. Perry has given huge “incentives – millions of dollars in tax breaks” to bring Dell, Facebook,  etc. to Austin. Texas has lower taxes and is very business friendly.  But please – look at what he has supported: 

For some reason a shortened link won’t bring up the correct site but please read this – in his own words.


  1. Gov. Perry is light handed on immigration (giving free instate tuition to children of illegals – Texas Dream Act), and disagrees with Gov. Brewer’s Arizona immigration law.
  2. The Texas Corridor (we lease our toll roads to Spain ) why?
  3. Our many cities (Austin one of many) are signed up for Agenda 21  – a legal land grab and deterioration of our rights/liberties, etc.
  4.  NAFTA

Gov. Rick Perry: he’s not what he appears to be.


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