Antelope Valley, CA Private Property Confiscation – U.N. Agenda 21

As in my previous blog, “Most Crucial Battle Since our Founding Fathers,”  we told you of plans being made in our cities, counties, states, and the nation to implement U.N. Agenda 21.   The Plans are very disturbing.   Yesterday for the first time I saw a video of U.N. Agenda 21 actually being implemented in Antelope Valley, California.  SHOCKING doesn’t begin to describe what the video exposed.  The poor residents of that area are literally having their private property taken from them.  They have been hounded by the county of Los Angeles under the auspicious of improving the land.  One family has lived in the same area for 22 years.  They are now told to destroy their homes and move.  They can own the land but they cannot live on it.  These are people with little or nothing in financial means to fight big government intrusion and control over their individual lives. Near the end of the video one resident says, “I believe it is more control. If they have you living in one area, they can control you better.”   I dare say this man probably has never heard of U.N. Agenda 21.  He lives in a desolate area. He is pastor of the church where the movie “Kill Bill” was filmed.

Take ten minutes of your time to watch the video to the end.  The last statements by the woman about the “general plan and area plan” are U.N. Agenda 21. She uses the phrase “common vision.”  This is a key phrase used by those using the Delphi technique in their regional meetings to obtain the conclusions they want to present to city, county, and state leaders.  Every survey question asked leads to the conclusion they want.  This technique has been used in the One Bay Area movement in the San Francisco bay area.   When any citizens challenged the choices of the survey during the meetings, the moderators became very disturbed that the survey was being questioned.  Some participants who questioned the survey were actually shouted down by the meeting leader and those working with them to control the conversation at each table. This is a well-planned agenda and it is stacked against the citizens who have built this nation.

Sadly enough, Mike Antonovich, Los Angeles County Board of Superivsor, started the ball rolling on this project.  Ask yourself  Who, What, Where, When, Why.   Trust me folks!  They are implementing this across the nation.

Santa Cruz, CA was one of the first areas to begin red-lining private properties.  Court cases have arisen because of the regulations placed on properties with different affects on each property.  One victory has been accomplished by a resident who had the means to fight in court and won a substantial judgment against the county.   To see the video please see Freedom AdvocatesWE MUST FIGHT THIS.

Freedom loving citizens, pray!  We are fighting to retain what our Founding Fathers fought to give us, OUR VERY FREEDOMS.  This is EVIL.  Let’s call it what it is. EVIL.



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3 responses to “Antelope Valley, CA Private Property Confiscation – U.N. Agenda 21

  1. SICK SICK SICK, I wished people would STAND UP and fight and NOT GIVE IN to these POS! WE THE PEOPLE have ever weapon we need, the Constitution and its 1st and 2nd Amendments! First they removed the LAW PROTECTED Mustangs and now it has FINALLY reach the LAW PROTECTED people.

    I have been saying this for years now warning people that once they learned they could removed the Mustangs and get away it the PEOPLE WOULD BE NEXT, WELL THAT TIME HAS ARRIVED!

    • Todd the problem is the poor people such as we see in the video. They aren’t even aware that they have Constitutional Rights. There is an old book by Charlotte Isberybt (sp?) called the “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.” Check with YouTube. Her whole testimony about what she found working in the Dept. of Education under Reagan is astounding. I understand they are revising the book with the highlights only and re-printing the book. The original book was quite long. Thank you for your post. Did you know that there is a Federal Law that says September 17 is Constitution Day and that it must be taught in any school that receives federal funds? Check your schools and ask them what their curriculum will be on it? Many schools don’t even know they have a law that says it must be taught. The 17th is on a Saturday this year. So they need to be reminded that all of September 19 is Constitution week. Fly your flag.

  2. NEVER NEVER underestimate the power of social media. I placed the above video in our blog on Twitter. I sent it to several new media journalists on Twitter. When it was posted on our site, the views were 5,906. Two days latter it has 52,171 views. Get this YouTube link out, even if you don’t use the blog url. I would like the story and links seen in our blog. However, if in the very least you use the YouTube url keep it going. Thanks!

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