Most Crucial Battle Since the Founding Fathers


I recently had the opportunity to travel to a conference called “Behind the Green Mask.”  Speakers included conservatives, liberals, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.  Most did not agree  politically on social issues.  However, once we learned what was happening to our cities, counties, and states, we’ve joined arms and said, ENOUGH!   We will not tear one another apart because our Constitution and our very freedom and liberty is at stake.  That’s right! A liberal Democrat, afraid for our future, our country and our freedoms under our Constitution is on a speaking tour about this issue.  The Constitution has become her friend!

The conference was held in Sonoma County. During the day-long seminar we learned the history of Agenda 21, ICLEI, and other organizations using environmental issues to remove our freedom and liberties.   Many environmentalists are becoming alarmed that their movement has been hijacked by radicals using the U.N. Agenda to confiscate private property, remove our wilderness lands from public access, restrict energy, water, and travel. It is so severe that Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 co-sponsored the event.  The three-legged stool of the Agenda is Equity, Education, Environment.  As Glenn taught us Equity equals “social justice.”  Education is indoctrinating our children in the classroom. They are doing a great job as seen in recent polls. Environment!  Well, that means anything a human can do in the world is just getting in the way. They will take it by hook or crook whether we like it or not. 

It’s literally to change America as we have known it.

We all remember the lessons taught us by Glenn Beck.  Do your homework!  The conference was part of my homework!

As I listened to the speaker, I thought “oh come on – this is tin hat time, this is so far-fetched. This guy must believe we’re in that old TV show the Twilight Zone.”

THEN, they showed us the Sonoma County General Plan 2020.  The legend on the map was clear and showed paths that would confiscate private land.  One of the Board of Supervisors, Valerie Brown, is a board member of ICLEI.  ICLEI is the International Council of Local Environment for Sustainability.  INTERNATIONAL.  They have now dropped the word “International” once citizens and residents of towns, counties, and states across the nation exposed the organization. It is an arm of UN Agenda 21. Every city in Napa and Sonoma counties has partnered with ICLEI.  That’s right folks!! Our property taxes are being used to undermine our freedoms.   To check if your town is a partner see:  Freedom Avocates  scroll to the ICLEI Primer and the list of members.  Perhaps your town is on the list.

Many of you are familiar with Orlean Koehle, President of the California chapter of Eagle Forum.  Orlean was another speaker who added her personal experience to the mix. Sonoma County residents with ponds, streams, tributaries and even a ditch in the yard that can collect rain water has been given a 100-foot offset.  That’s right! It is now off limits on her private property. 

ICLEI was formed after the U.S. (George H. Bush) and 178 other nations met at the UN Rio Earth Summit in 1992 and agreed to use certain principles as their guidelines. Those guidelines include MAJOR reductions in energy and water usage, and huge increases in the number of living units in city centers.  This is called U.N. Agenda 21-Sustainable Development.  In 1993 President Clinton formed the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and gave one million dollars grant to the American Planning Association to write “Growing Smart: A Legislative Guidebook,”  bringing UN Agenda 21 to the U.S.  “Smart Growth” was the result.  Smart meters are part of that agenda President Obama has recently, by Executive Order, created the White House Rural Council.  This is just one more government council to help implement this agenda.  It’s ALL about UN Agenda 21 being implemented in our lives.

Clint Didier, former NFL star, and Washington State farmer, has had the EPA set a 500-foot offset from the water on their farms keeping their cattle from water.  It’s all Agenda 21.  Private/Public Partnerships will try to own the majority of land even our farm lands. Eventually, they want to move all rural living to the urban cities in stackable housing.  See the Wildlands Project  presented to Congress by  Dr. Michael Coffman. One Bay Area movement, is the proto-type for the nation.  IF they can fully implement the UN Agenda 21 program here in the liberal area of the country, that is their key to move across the nation.

As Glenn said, “they are trying to change America as we now know it.”   Please use the links I’ve given, watch the videos, and do your own Google searches.

I personally believe this is the most important, crucial battle that we have as citizens since the Founding Fathers fought for our freedom.  Do not let them down.  Do not let your children and grandchildren down.  As the old testament book Esther says “Perhaps we were born for such a time as this.”


Author:  P.A. Smith



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2 responses to “Most Crucial Battle Since the Founding Fathers

  1. Then I suggest we all think hard about the choice we make for our next president. This person will need two requirements.
    1. Live, understand, and practice Conservative ideology.
    2. Be able to beat Obama by at least a 20 point margin.

    Sadly nobody like that is running.
    I pray every day that Allen West will run before its too late.

    • D.b. I agree that the election is very important. From what the experts are saying is, this must be fought at the local level. You must clean out your city councils, county board of supervisors if your area is partnering with ICLEI. If they won’t listen, then create a movement in your city to remove them from office.

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