Re-Education/Interment and Resettlement Job Postings **** FEMA, Army and National Guard

We’ve all heard about it before, Glenn Beck and Judge Napolitano discussed in great detail the rumors of Internment/Resettlement FEMA camps by the Obama administration. The latest rash of rumors came from the ObamaCare Health bill and the posting of jobs by the military at the National Guard and Army Careers & Jobs site fueling the rumor mill even further.

The current military Army job description, known as 31 Echo since the reorganization of MOSs (Military Occupation Specialties) in the’80s, was long used as supplemental training for 31 Bravos–military police. This has been modified over the years as certainly all MOS have. All military MOSs benefit from available additional training of military police more often used as guards on military bases at entrances, military prisons, domestic problems and helping with security issues on base. This new MOS description would come into play as our own police force trains. See below several of the new training additions:
• Assist with the supervision and management of confinement and detention operation
• Provide external security to confinement/corrections facilities or detention/internment facilities
• Provide counseling and guidance to individual prisoners within a rehabilitative program
• Prepare or review reports and records of prisoners/internees and programs

Since 1984 and before there have been rumors referred to as Night Train 84, Rex-84, Garden Plot or Lantern Spike, and NSPD 51– and FEMA has been central to some of these rumors. Even Col. North was questioned about them in the Iran-Contra hearings in 1987. You can look any of these up and there will be the long list of prominent names, articles and papers written. The question is how much truth is any of them. To read it, it’s all in the wording on how a particular group wants it perceived by the reader. Are they trying to milk toast the strategies, and make them seem like it’s an exercise that would never happen? But they argue these rules must be in place, it’s nothing more than protection for the masses?

Most of the exercises and plans seem to come from civil readiness exercises, whether it be a worldwide exercise involving other countries or one in the US. These exercises were in preparation for civil disturbances caused either by natural disasters, demonstrations, plagues, and/or subversive activities. Even as far back as the Viet Nam war rumors of these camps existed. This would allow the government to move, and relocate civilian population during war demonstrations (Garden Plot as in the 60’s) and possibly the military for the H1N1 swine flu as CNN reported in 2009. For an epidemic they would move the population to camps? It seemed the media was preparing for something big at that time, but it never happened. People were concerned as to why they were hyping the swine flu so much ? Did they just want an exercise in evacuations? But it didn’t happen. Granted they probably generate scenarios and plans to deal with health epidemics as a matter of readiness. The next question might be if they are doing this – how much money is being spent on these preparedness drills?

Presidents Reagan, Carter, Clinton and Bush have all upgraded FEMA’s capabilities. One such program Rex 84 supposedly written by a NSC liaison of FEMA John Brinkerhoff and Col. Oliver North was for the detention of millions. This was a secretive drill originated by the US federal government and would be able to suspend the United States Constitution and declare martial law. It would put military commanders in charge of our state and local governments all the while detaining a great number of Americans supposedly who were threats to our national security. The FBI kept a list (ADEX List) from 1967-1971 of 100,000 people and more they felt were subversives who might need to be rounded up.

If you Google Garden Plot, Rex 84, you will find reference to camps supposedly set up for different groups and reasons, illegal aliens, blacks, war protesters, even Muslims were concerned these camps were for them. Many news articles were written about their concerns as well.

What could be more against our Constitutional rights than detainment for voicing a difference of opinion or being of a specific ethnic group? Certainly not what our forefathers fought and died for. Written into our own Constitution our Founding Fathers put in safeguards for the people just in case this ever happened. Articles I and II in the Constitution of the United States of America, freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.
President Obama’s newest Executive Order on March 7, 2011 will institutionalize indefinite detention and use military commissions for the Terrorism Czars. This order has many concerned although it is designed for Guantanamo Bay prisoners/detainees.

Not only are the rumors of camps for so-called dissidents causing alarm, but the new AmeriCorps bill that will re-educate our children. Michelle Bachmann, US Rep. from MN stated in April, 1990, her concerns regarding the federal government and a new AmeriCorps bill expanding volunteer services for our youth ages 18-24. This bill contains provisions that would call for re-education of our young people; to train them in a new government philosophy. The end result will be to put them to work in these political forums. Once again, it is taking our freedoms away.

While one can only speculate if there really are internment camps for United States citizens for holding one against ones will or demanding their children to join an organization for specific service and/or re-education. We need to be very watchful. With that I conclude – we forever research and vet carefully those we send to Congress. If you ask the man next door to go to the store for you and give him $25.00 to do it – you probably have a good idea if he’s going to do the errand, or take the money and run. Why have we in the past entrusted elected officials with so much more (our very livelihood and lives) with so little knowledge of their intentions or past history. We must be forever diligent –in our election of Presidents and elected officials.

Our Constitution assures us of specific rights – we must never allow those rights to be compromised by people who think they know what’s best for us. The only one who knew that was probably our own mother and she wasn’t always right either. In this debate – you be the judge.

Resources: – USPHS Commissioned Corps – Army Jobs List – MccClatchy Report – Michelle Bachmann’s statement – Journalist Ron Ridenhou – Garden Plot and the New Action – Rep. M. Bachmann (2009) on AmeriCorp Re-education camp – National Civilian Community Corps – Ready Reserve Corp – (60 years old) – Oliver North questioning – Rex 84 Secret – Readiness Exercise – Clinton Internment camp question – President Obama’s newest order on detention

Authored by: Noctamblulations 9/2011


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