Selfish or Self-Reliance

Today I read an article by Katie Kieffer in Townhall titled,  “Bringing Selfish Back”.    In her article, she looks at the words “fair” and “share,” touted by our politicians today.  She outlines the six steps in the Communist Manifesto. All aspects of that outline are alive and well in our nation today.    I like her statement:

My problem with socialism is that it takes the fun out of life. Many college professors won’t admit that by “sharing” all your private property with the state, you’d surrender your ability to freely choose. And when you can’t prefer one thing, person or activity to another, life becomes drudgery.

Not only does life become a drudgery, YOU no longer exist.  Your thoughts ARE personal property.  Your choices ARE personal property. Take choice away and personhood has been stolen from you by tyrants without hearts. Amazing isn’t it that progressives/socialists want choice for their pet agenda but never for true freedom.

I do not believe that my grandfather, who was a farmer, later to work in public administration, felt he was being selfish tilling the land, feeding his family, neighbors, and others who wanted to partake of HIS labor using a barter system of goods or money.   The American work ethic was based on doing well, succeeding, CHOOSING to share, as Katie articulates.    If we allow ourselves to be suppressed and oppressed into robotically producing anything of value, WE have devalued ourselves.

Pioneers who built this nation with the promise of owning land for the first time, bet on their expertise, knowledge and sacrificed to have that chance.  They wanted the chance to be independent of others without a heavy hand on their existence; the chance to be independent to make individual choices. Were there abuses? Yes. Human nature will always contain that struggle between evil and good.  

Yet, this nation was conceived with good intentions.  It was conceived by men with the idea of freedom and liberty.  That freedom allows us to be self-reliant.  To care for ourselves without being a burden to others is NOT selfish.  It is compassionate. With independent choice we can CHOOSE to “bear one another’s burden.”  The farmer who’s barn burned was blessed with neighbors who took a day to rebuild it. That was a choice!  To help the widow personally and individually, is a choice!    THAT is the free American spirit.  That is the America the Tea Party wants revived in this country. 

It is the freedom of choice to be compassionate that makes us better people, a better society.  Localized compassion knows when you are being used or someone is truly in need.  No government has that ability.  They are too far removed from the situation and reality.

We have many battles raging against that spirit.  We have battles raging against capitalism and free market of choice.

If tomorrow all of your free choices are completely removed, your choice where to live, how to travel, how to raise your children, what to eat, how much to eat, how much water and electricity you can use, and what to read is taken from you in an instant, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?   It is coming friends it is coming.  We’ve been as frogs in a pot getting hotter and hotter.   Will we be as our forefathers with the pioneer spirit; the free American spirit?   Some will.  It remains to be seen if the majority of Americans will rise to the occasion.

Tea Party Hobbit Woman.



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3 responses to “Selfish or Self-Reliance

  1. happeninghobbit

    Because the American dream was and always will be Freedom. Not home ownership as the left is constantly promoting. Many of the immigrants to this land left their “homes” to arrive in America for Freedom to grow, to invent, to breath. Freedom is worth more than gold and certainly more than home ownership. What good is a home where every facet of your life in that home is monitored & dictated by an over reaching government sucking away your freedoms while telling you “this is the American dream”. No, it’s not. It’s the freedom to be self-reliant.

  2. darleneu

    Today Eric Horowitz wrote that 30% of tax payers get hand outs I don’t see things changing for a long time.

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