True Hope Lies With We The People

Difficult to not notice the frustrations of the conservative voters over the Republican party’s refusal to fully utilize the gift handed to them in 2010. Not only have most of them shrugged off the 2010 results but have even gone so far as to presume this had something to do with their own efforts. This bewildering attitude from the party that gave us the moderate John McCain. Obviously, they didn’t, and still don’t, get it.

Even so, we didn’t let that decision, or their delusion, deter us from doing all we could to make certain the 2008 election did NOT “fundamentally change America”, and we can’t stop now.

It was with tenacity, hard work and good old American ingenuity, fueled by the dignity that comes with living in a free country, that we created a landslide victory in 2010 while the GOP and RNSC continued their tired message that we the uniformed were getting in the way. We didn’t understand the intricacies of our government, the Constitution was too far beyond our limited knowledge to understand. We should just shut up, get behind their moderate picks and live with it. They know what’s best, even though most wouldn’t know the Constitution from the Communist Manifesto.

Our knowledge of how far the Democrats’ and the Republicans’ have strayed from the law of this land and just how close they are in ideology was entirely evident in 2008. If we were going to give George Bush a break for spending like a Democrat, that thought was dashed with the ’08 election season. Not only did We the People recognize the folly going on but so did several world leaders. This stubborn refusal by the Republicans’ to behave like moral thinkers, worthy of the people who put them in office, is what we’re fighting. What does a GOP endorsement mean in these times? Business as usual.

So this election season, true to form, they stubbornly hand us Romney as the next crown prince to sit in the oval office. Ouch. Here we go again with the same-old, same-old. Some politicians never learn. Romney is behaving exactly like the died-in-the-wool politician that he is, he has his GOP handlers and will do as he is told. Other contenders will be ignored during debates and maligned by their own party. Again, business as usual from the gang’s that can’t shoot straight.

A little background on the latest chosen one;

Ugh! Romney Worked with John Holdren When Implementing Cap and Trade in Massachusetts | The Lonely C

While none of us will sit home if Romney becomes the candidate, we won’t sit back and let the GOP tell us he IS the only candidate. His background needs to be looked at the way obama’s should have been looked at in 2008. Why? Because the truth is, we are living with the man/child now because the powers that be did not vet and ignored the people who did and the facts they presented. We upstaged & exposed them, they don’t like it. Too bad, they own the egg on their faces and it doesn’t wipe off.

We are not going away, we will not take our marching orders from the entrenched establishment that gave us this mess, while we slept, and which is counter to the entire conservative movement that has awakened. We can’t give up now. That is what this administration and the old guard desire so they can get back to the golf course and continue business as usual.

Let the Republicans’ take credit for the Congressional, Gubernatorial and Senatorial wins of 2010 patting themselves on the back and shouting, look what we did!! It doesn’t matter, because we know they had little to do with it – with the exception of Jim DeMint who stood his ground and took the slings & arrows along with the people.

It was, and is, We the People. 2012 will be another landslide victory as long as we continue along the proven path, tuning out the left, the trolls, the media and the D.C. Spin-Meisters. Our power is in exercising our God-given rights not government dictated rights.

Remember 2010. Don’t allow the media and the old guard the delight of causing us to grow insecure and forget the progress we’ve made while functioning as citizens of a Republic. Remind everyone when they talk about Democracy in action – it’s not Democracy in action, it’s the people following the Constitution and exercising our freedoms under the Bill of Rights. It’s allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands.

The ruling class are scared out of their wits of a united, informed American people and a united American people is exactly what they’ve got. Let them know, they are stuck with us. Keep up the good work. Fight the good fight.

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3 responses to “True Hope Lies With We The People

  1. joydbrower

    Palin’s departure (for now – and for good? who knows?!?) from the 2012 race for POTUS has left a gaping hole in the GOP “arsenal” to win the White House. The GOP Establishment has been our virtual enemy – and until we topple this corrupt hierarchy, our hopes for a TRUE Conservative revival will be crushed again. I’m plain sick & tired of this rotten game and the good ol’ bastards that still run the show. A pox on ALL of them!! I honestly don’t know how I’ll vote in either the Primary or General Elections, but writing in Palin’s name may just be my answer…

    • happeninghobbit

      Yes, the GOP establishment is no friend of the people. In that, they prove their respect for the Constitution is no better than the blatantly anti-constitution Democrats. I don’t believe Sarah would want any of us to write in her name and possibly dilute the Republican vote. She will endorse someone in the near future and that will mean a great deal. We have to practice patience – which is a major achievement for us these days. But, we have to continue to fight the good fight and stay on the right course.

  2. EXCELLENT! I could not have said it better. You nailed it on the head. The attitudes of the old guard, the establishment and their dismissive attitude toward those of us who helped place them in power. John Boehner has revealed who he REALLY is. He hates the tea party. He wants to hold on to the the good old boy system that pats him on the back. I’m with you happeninghobbit. We won’t go back to sleep. It’s too late for that. If they had waiting one generation they would not have had to content with those who know what freedom truly felt like.

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