The Real McCoys

The REAL McCoys

On the weekend of October 22-23, I and a friend had an extraordinary experience of attending Defend Rural America in Yreka, CA.    The event attracted over one thousand concerned citizens.  Defend rural America from what?   Unfortunately, it is our federal and state governments.   Under the guise of protecting salmon, the Department of Fish and Game, EPA, Interior Department, and other regulatory bodies have decided that the remedy to a manufactured crisis, is to remove four strategic dams.  One in South Oregon and three in Northern California.   

The devastation to land owners will be immeasurable.  Flash flooding, the poisoning of private wells, and the lack of stored water will do untold harm to the region. Property values have plummeted as much as 50%; far more than other areas of our country. Unless, of course, you are you are sell-out to the Nature Conservancy, then your land is worth obscene millions.  Land that can never be lived on again as private property.  

We wanted to know what the people are dealing with.  Enter a unique opportunity.

Those traveling with the bus tour from the San Francisco bay area, could choose to stay with a family or stay at a hotel.   We chose to stay with a family. We wanted up close and personal stories concerning the issue and the impact on them.  The highlight of our stay was to meet two remarkable people, Mason and Sally McCoy.  We met for the first time at dinner provided by the Siskiyou County Water Users Association.

Mason was a hard-rock miner in years past.  They lived in an old cabin.  The children were bathed in tin tubs.  You know, the ones used to hold iced drinks at a BBQ party.  Sally raised the children and kept the home fires burning.  Mason’s mother used to say to him, “you’re a pioneer without a frontier.”  We all laughed as we shared breakfast. We discussed that much of the land the government plans to place in jeopardy feeds this nation in one way or another. Most city dwellers have no idea how to plant a seed or harvest food for their families. When rough times come they won’t have a clue. In his understated way, and a smile on his lips Mason said, “you can’t plant seed in cement.”  

He and Sally have been married for over forty-five years. They now live in Yreka, CA in a comfortable, renovated, three bedroom home. Vegetables are grown in the backyard and family reunions are held in the front with long tables to accommodate the loving family.  For most of his life Mason drove a truck, thus his book:

“The Assault on Liberty – Rambling Thoughts of a Roads Scholar.”

They are the hard-working, self-sufficient, patriotic people.  They ask for nothing but the freedom and liberty that our Founding Fathers’ fought so diligently to give their descendants. They want the government to get off their backs, release the death grip on water, energy, private property, and freedom to travel on our country roads.  

They are not on the dole asking the government to care for them.  They voluntarily care for their neighbor who was severely injured by Agent Orange.  OH yes, the same government that rejected her disability now wants her to pay through the nose just to have water and electricity.  

These are true Americans watching their government takeover private property, violating their neighbors 4th amendment Constitutional rights by entering private property without permission or warrants, placing equipment on private property and fining them $25,000 per fingerings that may have died for one reason or another in a stream that passes through their property.  IT IS A LAND GRAB. It is NOT eminent domain.  It is financially ruining the property owners with the goal to confiscate their land.

Sally and Mason’s power rates have risen two cents a kilowatt.  Pacific Power now owned indirectly by Warren Buffet admits they are raising the rates in anticipation of the dams being removed.   

The city has lost business after business.  The unemployment rate is 30%. Services once available, are no longer there. This is a travesty!   These are the type of people who have built this nation.  They have built it, paid for it, prayed for it, bled for it, and yes some in that town have family members who died for this country.  NOW THAT VERY GOVERNMENT TURNS ON THEM.  

Those in Washington D.C., living thousands of miles away, advocating and implementing these changes, count on rural America to feed their families. Yet they side with the radical environmentalists. The fact is, our taxpayer dollars are given to the extreme environmental groups used to sue the very people who provide for this nation.

The government sees them as something with no value. Citizens like Sally, Mason, you and me are throw away people.  Remember that little fish you caught and threw it back in the stream or lake to grow?  WELL, they are throwing them away.  They do not want these citizens to grow and thrive. Our government is throwing them away to die.  They are expendable. Speak out America.   These people in Siskiyou County, CA are all of us.

NOTE:   An admonition to those who would oppress these and other good people.  Scripture is clear that God does NOT take kindly to these actions.  Proverbs 22: 22-23 clearing states:   “Do not rob the poor because he is poor; nor oppress the afflicted at the gate; for the Lord will plead their cause, and plunder the soul of those who plunder them”


This is one part of a series.  The subject is so extensive that one or two articles cannot even begin to touch the surface of this Pandora’s box of modern-day Robber Barons called regulatory agencies and government entities influenced not by conservationists but radical, assaulting environmentalists.

Part 2 coming  “Fox News Fails Farmers”




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2 responses to “The Real McCoys

  1. Good questions! The information was part of a an hour long video at the event with personal stories by the residents of the area. The panel of eight Sheriff’s testified that the federal agents were coming onto private property without warrants, court orders, OR coordination with local law enforcement WHICH IS LAW. These are brave men going nose-to-nose with the feds. I hope to have a photo in one of my segments of the equipment that the feds placed on private property without permission. No laws were broken or violation occurred. The fingerlings (small salmon) normally would travel into water on private land. This is all a land grab. We’ve seen it in Antelope Valley, CA Please an earlier blog: It’s the same type of actions being perpetrated against citizens violating their Constitutional rights.

  2. john1066

    Nicely written.

    If we are going to succeed in convincing the public that there is a real problem here, we also need to nail down our facts.

    “…placing equipment on private property and fining them $25,000 per fingerings that may have died for one reason or another in a stream…”

    Can you provide some details or documentation? What “equipment”? Who has been fined $25,000 for dead “fingerings”? Did the “one reason or another” involve a minor misunderstanding or an egregious violation of the law?


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