Nobody Here Is Wearing A Wig

This is a short interlude in our Defend Rural America series.

Years ago, OK let’s be honest, decades ago my husband and I traveled to Northern California on vacation.  We stopped to visit friends we’ve known since high school.  We decided to go out for dinner.  It was easier on our host and made dinner more relaxing for our short overnight visit.   After dinner our host was not feeling well.  The closest place to take care of what was later diagnosed as food poisoning was the home of their sister and brother-in-law. We visited in the usual manner, catching up after years not communicating much.  Out of the blue, Cara, the eight-year-old daughter of our friends announced, “Nobody here is wearing a wig.”   Their sister and brother-in-law tilted their heads with quizzical looks on their faces as we and our hostess burst into laughter.

As I was preparing for dinner, I refreshed my makeup and put on my wig.   Cara watched as a child does when daddy is shaving.  She looked at me and scanned her mouth with her fingers as if she was zipping it. MUMS the word!  I love the thought processes of a guileless child.

WHY this scenario?

President Barack Obama during this speech at the G20 Summit in France today made a statement that would confound Cara , now a mother of three.  His answer to an AP reporter concerning the stock market and our economy back home was, “There’s no crisis, much of it is psychological.”      TELL THAT TO MY WALLET MR. PRESIDENT.

You and I have recently seen our gasoline and food prices begin to skyrocket.  In my town today a 40z jar of Peanut Butter  was $9.59.  It is a staple for lower-income families to help feed their families and considered one of the top ten items you must have in your cupboard in case of emergencies.  Emergency food, and survival experts say it is a must.   Inflation statistics by our government does NOT include food or gasoline prices.   SO HEY, NOBODY HERE IS WEARING A WIG.  Unemployment figures, psychological; more regulations, psychological; crony capitalism, psychological, Corzine and $700 million missing, psychological.    YEP!  NOBODY HERE IS WEARING WIG!

The average citizen, buying food, traveling to work or the doctor knows the truth just as Cara did.  Anyone knowing me well, knew it was a wig.  It was a facade as is our inflation numbers and the smoke screen Mr. Obama tries to foist upon the citizens who know the truth.  It’s time, like Cara, to blow the cover of the facades and call it for what it is.  A LIE.   Spin is such a nice word.  I’m surprised it wasn’t used in the first garden when Eve encountered the Father of Lies, Lucifer himself.   You know the guy that Saul Alinksky dedicated his book to.

The world is on fire economically, but hey it’s mostly psychological.  Just put your wig back on and continue in what is known as normalcy bias.   We want to continue to think that all is well or will be.  That is normalcy bias.   Like my husband says, it’s time for us to “face the music”.  In other words “BS time is over.”   Somebody here IS wearing a wig and we know who it is.  Those in congress, the white house, political parties, and media pundits are all wearing wigs.  NOTHING TO SEE HERE.  DEFLECT the truth.

My suspicion, the Herman Cain issue a WIG?




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2 responses to “Nobody Here Is Wearing A Wig

  1. joydbrower

    I think the whole thing with Cain was a total smear – and those women were just shakedown artists! Could be, too, that they were WHITE and didn’t like the open & friendly MO of a Black CEO/boss. Who knows? The woman who filed one of the charges and got a year’s salary for sweet FA wants to keep her ID private – no s**t, Buckwheat!

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