Soros, Buffett vs Siskiyou Farmers

ANNOUNCEMENT: Do not miss Radio Blog Talk Interview with Dr. Richard Gierak tonight at 6:00 p.m. PST.  He is a proponent for keeping the Klamath River Basin dams intact.

This is our third installment in our series on Defend Rural America.  In our first segment we spoke of our hosts The Real McCoys and the basic information concerning the battle for the Siskiyou County, CA farmers, residents, and the Shasta Indian Tribe.   Our second segment exposed Fox News and their blatant disregard for balanced reporting:  Fox News Failed Siskiyou Farmers.

Today we’ll speak of the George Soros, Warren Buffet connections.

The players, that connect to Soros:  Steven Kandra, past President of the Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA), Hatfield Working Group, Klamath Eco-system Management Foundation, and Klamath Watershed Partnership and more.

Steven Kandra formed PROSPER.    Prosper partnered with California Trout for “studies” supporting dam removal. George Soros funds National Heritage Institute which represents California Trout.  Klamath Ag Political Action Committee, Steve Kandra’s and Jim Carlton’s group,  support the KBRA. (Klamath Basin Restoration Act)  A few of their donors are Nature Conservancy (funded by Tides which is funded by George Soros), Sustainable NW, Prosper (Kandra), Herald and News, and KFLS. HERE for donors.  The  NHI (National Heritage Institute) represents American Rivers and California Trout in an ongoing effort to decommission PacifiCorp’s Klamath River Project.”   The NHI is funded by George Soros and other entities.    Sources

Earth Justice ” is the environmental  law firm funded by George Soros backing the proponents of the KBRA and fighting against the Siskiyou farmers.

The question is WHY would George Soros be involved?   Is he an environmentalist? I dare say NOT.   He is a money-making machine that profits from others’ losses and manipulates the path in which those losses will occur to his advantage and profit, without regard to any human being.   In fact in his own words in the video below, he really gets a kick out of hurting others.  He is the man who is known for “breaking the bank of England.”   He is also the man who helped the Nazi’s in WWII.  See Keywiki “Early Life”:  confiscating the property of Jews.  His own words:  “Happy making experience.”

Do you believe for one moment that Soros gives a hill of beans about Coho Salmon?  If you do, I want what your smoking.   Trevor Loudon of New Zeal Blog posted Ann Barhardt’s piece on Look Who’s Buying Up Flood Ravaged Farmland.  It’s a scathing rebuke of the Army Corp of Engineers and Ann makes the connections between Soros, Ospraie, and ConAgra (renamed Gavilon).

She states:  “2. Speaking of evil sons of bitches, George Soros appears to be “investing” in farmground through the same puppet company that he used to get into the grain elevator and fertilizer business. The company is called Ospraie Capital Management and is buying up farmground in a joint venture with Teays River Investments  as a partner.”

It appears he is trying to control the food and water sources in the Klamath River Basin.  Siskiyou County residents voted 79% to keep four hydro-electric dams intact.  Yet, the Interior Department, Dept of Fish and Game and other entities are pushing forward.  More crony capitalism from D.C?

The Shasta Tribal people who have lived and owned most of the land along the Klamath River Basin are being shut out of all negotiations.  Their tribal burial lands are nothing to Mr. Soros.   Nor is the Irongate Fish Hatchery that releases over a million healthy salmon every year.  In an interview with Bill Meyer, Gary Lake, of the Shasta Tribe, and a former Karok Tribe Council Member exposes the corruption behind the KBRA using the Coho Salmon as the newest species to be used to “run the white man, miners, and Shasta people off the river and steal the water back.”  

Bill Meyer Interview with Gary Lake

Warren Buffett is not exactly a fish lover himself.   He has purchased via Berkshire Hathaway and through the backdoor, Pacific Power and Light Company.  Now WHY would Warren Buffett want the four hydro-electric dams removed?   With less energy being generated could it possibly be he can charge ANY price he wants for the energy coming through Klamath River Basin?   You darn right!  This is the same man who says “the rich should pay more taxes.”   Sure Warren, after you rifled the wallets of farmers, ranchers, and residents of south Oregon and Northern California.  What a guy!

I’m impressed aren’t you.  The radical, underhanded environmentalists are in it up to their ears with Soros.  Warren Buffet is riding the coattails.

Don’t be confused.  The Klamath Water Users Association wants the dams removed, property flooded and private property rights removed from those in the Klamath River Basin. They are connected to Soros.  On the other  the Siskiyou County Waters Association is on the side of the people who own property, believe in private property rights, wants the dams in place, producing clean energy without much of a carbon footprint, and keeping the Irongate Fish Hatchery in tact. These are the people who produce our food and other products, yet our government and certain “fat cats,” as our President likes to call them, are for themselves.

It’s like any other issue when the people are getting shafted.  Nice sounding names and smiley faces hide the facade of their true intent.

Let’s not forget, dams are considered “unsustainable” in the Global Bio-Diversity Assessment Report on page 755.   The report is the road map to implement UN Agenda 21 around the world.




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