America’s Shame

Shame I say. I say Shame on us. Shame on our Congress and President Obama.

We have allowed ourselves to be enslaved by a political ruling class that bated us and appealed to our basest of character traits, Me, Myself and I. That’s right WE are the problem.

Judge Napolitano asked in a profound video, “What if the liberties enshrined in our Constitution have been transformed into a myth?…… What if our government transitioned effortless between rhetoric that referred to foreign enemies and to rhetoric that referred to policies at home? What if the government gave itself the power to treat you they same way it treats an enemy on a battle field? What if your elected representatives actually voted to declare the United States of America a battle field? What if that included your backyard? What if you woke up one day and soldiers where there because the President sent them? What if they came for you because of your political views?      Mourning in America

Our politicians have done just that and we are on the slippery slope to slavery for those very things happening. Did they plan this? The evidence is in the language of the law just passed in the House and Senate in the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012.

Congressman Tom McClintock spoke for those of us who stand for our Constitutional rights: “Cracking Freedom’s Foundation”

Did they plan this? YES, they planned this. Until America gets off the (D) and (R) self-identification syndrome this country will not be free again. WE are to blame for buying into the my team versus their team mentality that the politicians have propagated to keep themselves in power. YES, they DID plan this and WE the citizen did not use due diligence.

We’ve taken our freedom and liberty for granted and we thought that those we sent to Washington, state and local governments considered their oath of office the same as we have. We’ve been complacent. We’ve been tired caring for our family, working hard to make sure, they too, were good citizens who adhered to the laws of the land, were self-sufficient, and added to the quality of our society. They’ve taken advantage of us and we have let them.

Retired Admiral Hutson in an interview with the Huffington Post said: “I was dean in New Hampshire, where the motto is live free or die. The rest of that phrase, live free or die, is because there are things worse than death,” Hutson said. Sounds like Tea Party rhetoric doesn’t it? Watch out sir, you may just be considered an enemy and detained indefinitely.

I suggest you bookmark these pages. Print them out:

House vote:

Senate conference vote:

Take the names of those who voted for this bill. Find their pictures; print them out. Teach your children and grandchildren who they are and how their future liberty has been violated. Teach them the dangers that lie ahead. Teach them Hitler’s Germany. THEN, teach them the truth of our Founding Fathers’s and how they fought valiantly to make sure this did NOT happen to us and how the modern-day politician is anything but the men of valor, honor, and integrity our Founders were.

Teach them well my freedom loving friends. TEACH them tonight, tomorrow morning and every moment you can. Set up a plan to make sure they understand who they are and what our country once was. I highly recommend David Barton’s “American Heritage Series.”  “Constituting America” has a youth section for your children. Prepare them for higher education and colleges that do not take government funds and teach our Constitution as a document to be revered as does Hillsdale College. Use any and every means to reverse the trend of the freedom killing education they are receiving in public schools that has indoctrinated them to allow for this type of legislation. Teach them how to protect themselves from political hacks in slick suits, freshly whitened teeth and finely coiffed hair. Teach them to look beyond the image.

Image is a dangerous hologram hiding deadly motives. Your death not theirs.  In this author’s estimation, this is treasonous.




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2 responses to “America’s Shame

  1. darleneu

    Going through the airport a few weeks ago, I watched an older woman in a wheelchair being groped by a TSA agent and wondered how we as Americans can walk by this and say nothing, my self included.

  2. Last evening I heard a gentlemen interviewed on Freedom Watch. His comment “we are being taught to obey.” He referenced the TSA violating our Constitutional rights and how citizens are allowing it to happen. He and two others discussed with Judge Napolitano the threat to the citizens of our country concerning this legislation. They are right. WE are allowing this to happen. Don’t be lulled into blind obedience to a government that is corrupting more each moment. Stand up and use the Constitution as your battering ram against their assault.

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