Victory in Maryland on Agenda 21

We are seeing movement and victories against U.N. Agenda 21 and it’s implementation via ICLEI (International Council of Local and Environmental Initiatives) in our cities, counties and states. Carroll County Maryland has taken bold steps to rid their citizens of the plague that is facing citizens across America.  The progressive left is fighting furiously to keep their strangle hold on your freedom and rid you of control over your private property.  In “Maryland County Charts a Path Out of Agenda 21,”  James Simpson, D.C. Independent Examiner states:

As a direct result of Carroll County’s actions, eighteen other counties throughout the United States have been inspired to revoke their membership in ICLEI. As of October, this now includes two counties in Washington and – are you ready – one in Massachusetts. Counting cities, 54 governmental entities have dropped out, about 10 percent of the total U.S. membership. This is a significant development, and may be what amounts to a quiet revolution.

Citizen voices are being heard by elected officials in many areas.  Once they understand that their elected voices, and representative governance is in jeopardy and seeing a direct assault against our Constitutional way of life, they have acted.   We can only applaud such men and women as American patriots standing in the breach against violated oaths of office and for the citizens in their respective geographical regions. They saw the threat, examined it, found it truthful and they took action.   Simpson writes:

The government of Carroll County, Maryland, was the first governmental organization to revoke membership in ICLEI, the U.N. sponsored organization created to insinuate Agenda 21 “Sustainable Development” concepts (also known as “Smart Growth,” “Walkable Communities” and a host of other positive-sounding misnomers) into local government planning and zoning ordinances. ICLEI is the acronym for the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives – Local Governments for Sustainability.   (They have changed their name –  blogger’s note)
The County also abolished their “Office of Sustainability” and the commissioners undertook the arduous task of expunging the many references to “Sustainable Development” that were embedded, like metastasized cancer cells, throughout the County master plan.

Do not be silent my dear friends.   This is exciting news.   Each one of us, the citizens who are aware of the insidious agenda and the people behind it, are having an effect.  We are moving forward to regain our freedom and sovereignty.  They came in stealth and deception, with the hook of money, to entice weak-willed and corrupt men.  We are coming in TRUTH. DO NOT BE SILENT. They may laugh at you until you give them the proof. When the truth sets in, their demeanor changes to horror then outrage, but only if they are honest players. Only if they are honest liberty-loving men and women. It’s a terrible thing to know you’ve bought into a lie. If you are not familiar with U.N. Agenda 21 in the guise of smart growth, sustainable development, and all the other “green” names, this short video explanation by South Carolina State Representative Joe Neal will expose your future if this is not stopped:

Robbing you of wealth and the chance to create wealth unless THEY say so.  That my friends is NOT America as we knew it.  Shout from the rooftops if you value your children’s future.  Learn more at Freedom Advocates.      See our earlier blog on “Your Life, Your Freedoms Turned Upside Down”  for a list of items considered “unsustainable.”

It’s not what you think.  It’s not the nice smiley face “green” movement you’ve been told. Your life as you know it, will be altered in a way you never thought possible in the United States of America.  Much of the Global Bio-Diversity Assessment Report items are being implemented as we speak.   We’re seeing in the rural areas, water rights removed, re-zoning ranch land, imploding dams, changing river routes and removing grazing land.   It’s changing in your city and county too, even if you are not aware of it. BECOME aware for your own sake; for your children’s sake.  Then SHOUT it from the rooftops to your neighbors, family, and friends.  YOU may be the catalyst to get it stopped in your region.




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7 responses to “Victory in Maryland on Agenda 21

  1. patriotsoul

    We are in the fight in MO.
    This is encouraging and great learning.

  2. happeninghobbit

    Good news!! Thanks for the boost to my energy regarding this issue. Sometimes it seems overwhelming and futile so news like this is just the medicine needed to remind us to not give up the ship.

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