Obama’s Absolute Magnitude of Failure

It’s impossible to touch on every avenue in which our current President has affected our county. We must ask ourselves, “Does this President want our country, our citizens, and our children to thrive?”  The evidence says NO!  His administration has recently, during the last legislative fight, issued new regulations that will cost the US citizens eleven billion dollars a year, close 70 coal fire utility plants and kill 10% of our electricity supply. By stealth and deception during the Christmas holiday, while we were trying to relax from our labors and enjoy our families, the President and his cronies are systematically transforming this country back to the stone age.

Is it unrealistic expectations for a failed industry in Europe to succeed here? Is it just plain incompetence? Or is it something more sinister?  Do you remember candidate Obama’s wife saying “America is a mean country?” I do. Why would a President want this country to fail?  Today on Fox Business News, Charles Payne exposed the cost to UK residents will be $7,700 per year until 2050 to bring about their “clean energy” agenda.  It is very likely to be much more costly for those of us in the U.S.

Fox Business News link for video:


Iran is now threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz, cutting off our oil supply. Yet, this President will not allow the Keystone Pipeline to be built accessing oil from a neighbor and ally, Canada.  He would prefer to side with radical environmentalists, big donors to his campaign, and kill the pipeline that would give us a safe supply of oil. He would prefer we continue to “bow” to foreign enemy states to receive our much-needed fuel. Recalling the photos and articles of our President bowing to leaders of Saudia Arabia, shunning Netanyahu, and returning the bust of Churchill, just to name a few, is VERY disconcerting. Placing our country in jeopardy is not just ideological foolishness, it is dangerous.

There’s a pattern here ladies and gentlemen and it’s a pattern that does not inspire respect for a man who touted “hope” as his campaign slogan. It is very evident he does not want this country to soar to the very pinnacle of success and innovation of which we are capable, if only we were unshackled from the prison chains of regulation and executive orders. No he wants us cowering in the cold and dark, begging and pleading for relief. Does he want a new plantation? His own slaves? Does he want to be our “master?” Strong words I know.  Yes, strong words for strong actions against this country and its citizens.

Bill Whittle of PJTV succinctly gives us a short rundown of this man’s failures and attitudes.

Whittle YouTube:

Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan inspired us. This man doesn’t.  Do you feel he’s on YOUR side?  I don’t.  Is he on the side of your children and a successful future?  Maybe if you consider going back to the days of reading school books by candlelight.  Yes, I’m looking forward to gathering wood, huddled by the fire and cooking our food, aren’t you? Oh wait, silly me, this administration is closing access to public lands, forests, rivers and lakes.  No wood.  Now what?

Keep thinking folks.  This man is shutting down life as you want it and know it. This next election is the most important that this country has ever seen. Your very life and future counts on the decision you make in the voting booth.  An establishment candidate will only slow it down.  Pick your candidate carefully. Which one is a Constitutionalist? Which one respects our allies? Which one respects your freedom?

Obama’s absolute magnitude of failure as an American President is off the Richter scale.  He would do better in a third world country as its dictator. Who knows maybe that’s his next move.  Hugo isn’t looking well these days.




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2 responses to “Obama’s Absolute Magnitude of Failure

  1. happeninghobbit

    It was always about hope. Problem is, it was his hope and his change. A hope that he could successfully destroy America and change us to a soviet style country before he ended his first term. I hope he does take Hugo’s place and brings Hillary and the rest of the corrupt administration with him.

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