Bachmann and Our Generation

Michelle Bachmann bowed out of the 2012 Presidential race today.  Her parting speech from the campaign, in my opinion, will be one for the history books.  Should Obama win re-election and our country becomes completely socialized, her parting words will haunt this country for generations to come.  She spoke eloquently of our Founding Fathers, their families and the sacrifices they gave for our freedom. Bachmann’s motive for running for President always seemed about the country not herself.  The impetus was Obamacare.  She, with many of us, fear that freedom is being taken from people to choose their medical care for themselves. Worse yet, you must purchase a government program just because you are a citizen of the United States.  We’ve never been a nation that says you must purchase anything to be a citizen of our country.  What has  brought us this far?

My contention, and you won’t like this, it’s our fault.  We have slumbered with our eyes open while a corrupt educational system and self-absorbed adults have produced a selfish generation of takers. They have played on our most base human characteristics— Me, Myself, and I. It’s the “get out of my way” generation.  They will take it from you if you won’t give it to them.  Occupy Wallstreet mentality is a powerful image of the inward thoughts of these type of people.  Unfortunately, they are now leading this country. The sixties generation.  It holds no standard but feigned compassion for the environment, animals and other pet projects. Yet, helping a neighbor whose barn has burned? Only if the cameras are present.  Any names come to mind? Jackson, Sharpton, and myriads of others in it for themselves.  Other than small islands of those who care for no recognition, and truly care for others, this generation has become altogether corrupt.

We must all look in the mirror, the reflecting mirror of Truth. The only one I know is the Word of God that is a two-edged sword of condemnation and saving comfort. It reaches into the depth of our being, our mind and soul, but only if we allow.  Look at ourselves as God sees us, not some pundit, neighbor, family member or friend.  What is the plumb line we lay against our lives and motives? In our private moments we know the truth of our hypocrisies, our pride, and self-motivating actions we call – good. That is if we’re honest. We see our politicians constantly say “look at him, I’m better than him.”  Easy when the plumb line is crooked, isn’t it.

Until our nation comes to grips with our personal failure of setting aside the Creator who gives us our inalienable rights, we will not right our course. Our Founders knew that. They sought Divine intervention and wisdom to birth this nation of individual freedoms and responsibilities. The problem is responsibility has become a dirty word.  We speak of rights not responsibilities.  It makes us a weak nation. Some use liberty as license. If we continue to seek mans approval we are doomed. They will fail us most of the time.  The Psalmist spoke these words in a time of trial:

Psalm 108:12 (NASB77)
12 Oh give us help against the adversary, For deliverance by man is in vain.

We continue to make the same mistakes. We give power to politicians making promises and giving speeches. Tell me, what have you seen lately from the politicians that lead this country? Are you comfortable?  If so, perhaps we need to look again at the mirror or truth.  Do you feel that freedom is abounding or do you feel like chains are being added daily to the shackles they are providing? They promise deliverance from any all wrongs perceived, manufactured, or real. NO man or woman can do that.  They count on us being sound-bite voters.  Buy the line today, buy the image today, what can I promise you to get your vote.  The honest candidate is hard to find.  I believe Bachmann was one of them.

Our Creator is a forgiving God. He invites the apostate person and nation to come to Him, to turn around. It is a generous, undeserved promise, that should break our hearts.  He says:

“I will love them freely.”   Hosea 14:4

We need to seek our injured Father’s face. Again David said:

“When You said, ‘Seek My face, my heart said to You, Your face Lord, I will seek’.”

I like Michelle Bachmann’s words as she exclaimed her bold confidence “in the God she serves.”   The Lord does give us good men and women who serve others and their countries.  They are far and few between in this “crooked and perverse” in our generation.



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