Erin Brockovich Revisited?

Cancer rates rising.  Have you heard about it?  I dare say NO.

During our visit to Yreka, Siskiyou County, California we attended the Defend Rural America event. We learned about an issue that should be every American’s concern.  We have a government that wants to control every aspect of your life. Special interests rule the day and control most of our politicians.  If they can be bought, and most can, they will sell you down the river and they don’t care about the consequences to you, your property, health, or your Constitutional rights.   One aspect about the proposed Klamath River Basin dam removals rarely, if ever  spoken of, is the danger to the health of those living downstream from imploded dams and the 20,000 tons of silt coming their direction.

Have you heard of the rapidly rising cancer rates for those living down stream on the Rogue River after the Gold Ray and Gold Hill diversion dams were imploded and removed?  Of course not. Silt carrying Chromium-6 has been found released into the water supply downstream after the dams were removed. Christen Piattie of the Examiner exposed the problem in her article “Rogue River – Heavy Metals are Being Churned Up From Dam Removals.” (July 17, 2011) The EPA, in-the-pocket politicians, and special interests don’t want the public to know the same plans for the Klamath River Basin could remove water from areas down stream, dry up private wells, and release contaminated silt. What is left of the water supply may very well contain life threatening materials to humans, wildlife, fish and contaminate the land downstream causing, perhaps, generational devastation.

She writes:

As a cancer survivor, I feel like I should do what I can to protect people from unnecessary harm from any water supply or local area resources. Unfortunately, our country’s low standard of environmental protection leaves many gaps in the current legal structure, and many community utilities are not required to report certain trace elements or testing numbers that fall out of a stated range.

In 2008 a local environmental activist had checked with the Three Rivers hospital, according to Curtis Hayden of The Sneak Preview, and found 17.2% of cancer cases were of the intero-gastero-intestinal type (one of the many linked to this contaminant). He checked again two years after all the dams were taken out, and the amount of cases increased to 42.6%. He thinks that there is a sound connection here; I agree and aim to look into this further myself. I plan to follow this story as I find more leads, and read about local environmental activists that are as passionate as I am about our citizen’s health.

The silt from the four Klamath basin dams proposed for removal has many thousands of tons more silt than those on the Rogue River. During the event in Yreka, CA, Chromium-6 was mention in the the video presentation.  I looked at my traveling companion and asked, “Did he just say Chromium-6? Is that the same substance that was killing people in the movie ‘Erin Brockovich?'”   She replied, “I believe so.”

The Condit dam was recently removed in Washington state. Let me show you what the river will look like after the dam removals.  Actually, it will be far worse with four dams removed.

Do you think Salmon will be swimming up that river anytime soon?  Does Congressman Mike Thompson (D) of  first Congressional District of California care?  Does Senator Jeff Merkley (D) of Oregon care?  My guess is flat-out NO! They tout temporary jobs.  What a joke! Money lining their pockets places them in a category of criminal neglect of citizens in their districts and states. This is a combination of the EPA regulatory body placing exorbitant re-licensing fees on hydro-election dams, and special interest groups pouring money into the area as a means to an end.  The Department of Interior, NOAA, and Fish and Game using their federal powers exerting force for dam removals, enriching connected special interest groups, politicians, and financial cronies will be complicit in any and all damage that will ravage the region.

Truth is truth folks.  In the end it comes out.  Sadly, most of the time long after the damage is done, as we’ve seen in asbestos exposure.  Perhaps that is what the politicians are counting on. Will the government be liable for cancers from carcinogenic particles released into what is left of the residents water supply?  What deformities will we see in the salmon and other life in that region?

Whose legacy, faces, and names will we see in the history books for the devastation to the land, people, and wildlife?  I dare say it will be a rogues’ gallery of men with evil intentions, such as George Soros funding the Nature Conservancy and Earth Justice; those touting service to their constituents as a ruse to enrich themselves– the above mentioned politicians; Warren Buffett owner of Pacific Corps and many others wearing federal uniforms and holding federal titles.

Principle and compassion is not and never was an attribute of their characters. If it were, they would expose the rising cancer rates in the areas of dam removals, and would put a halt to their plans in the Klamath River Basin.



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