Acceptable Casualties – Thank you Michelle Malkin

Thank you Michelle Malkin!!!

Yesterday Ms Malkin wrote an article titled “The High Priest of Eco-Destruction.” Ken Salazar is just that. As a member of a group that attended the “Save Rural America” event in October, I was VERY pleased to see her mention the fight that Yreka, CA residents where fighting against the Goliath government department that Ken Salazar heads. One small mistake, she said Siskiyou County was in Oregon. It is at the Oregon border but is the further most county of California. That aside she was spot on.

Ms Malkin is the first nationally recognized name that has addressed this subject and the injustice raging in the Klamath River basin. THANK YOU! Fox News wrote the most unbalanced articles on this situation, and no national name, Levin, Hannity, Breitbart, or Beck have addressed it. (See the references below on the Fox News article.)

Secretary Salazar wants to remove four perfectly working hydro-electric dams. WAIT! Aren’t hydro-electric dams considered “green energy?” Isn’t that one of the lowest carbon footprint industries for power? YES, but money and land is to be had through nefarious means and George Soros is waiting with his hand out.

In the world view of our government it believes that the citizens of such actions taken by our regulatory bodies are “acceptable casualities.” Plants, fish, birds, lizards and any other living organism or creature are always placed above the needs, security, health or rights of individual human beings. We are the last on their list to be considered “sustainable” or valuable enough to save. Their actions turn our Constitution upside down. It is ungodly, period. No where in Biblical scripture will you find that man is to serve the earth. The earth serves mankind. Good stewards of the earth yes, but not subservient to it.

When the Condit dam was removed in the state of Washington a few months ago, in the guise to help fish, the greenies shouted in praise to environmental gods. Pictures of the river since that implosion show the devastation, not only to the river but to adjacent private property. Again, “acceptable casualties” for eco-destructionists as Ms Malkin calls them. I call them eco-terrorists and worshippers of a false religion known as Gaia. For those unfamiliar with that term it is earth worship.

Take a look at this photo and tell me, is THIS acceptable to you? If this was your property would you consider devastation acceptable for a fish that may never swim the ruined river again?

Collateral Damage from Condit Dam Removal

Eco-Destruction is right Ms Malkin but its more than that. It is destruction of the human spirit when we can no longer trust our government to protect our homes, lives, safety, and security. Let’s call it what it is EVIL.

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