Mitt Romney–Spender-Hypocrite

Are you an absentee voter? Please read and heed this message.

We are seeing continuous ads from “Restore our Future” Political Action Committee, backing Mitt Romney, berating Rick Santorum for votes about spending in Washington D.C. Similar attacks were used on Newt Gingrich. Romney says, Republicans have spent, borrowed, and earmarked too much and he’s the ONLY guy who hasn’t spent time in Washington. Maybe not behind a desk sir, but you have in front of their desks asking for money. He berates those who allocated money to various departments and entities from which he requested funds and lavishly spent on the Utah Olympics. Apparently Mr. Romney doesn’t remember where that money comes from.  It comes from you, me, our children, and now with out debt our great-grandchildren.

His attacks on his opponents are tantamount to watching bombing missions using agent orange. Mr. Romney you are a hypocrite! An ABC video of Romney bragging about all the money he obtained from Washington D.C. is impressively shocking, given his accusations against others. Voters you must be aware of this man and what he is willing to do to reach the Presidency. He will lie, distort, and do whatever he can to obtain his goals, prestige, and power. He is no different from who we have in the White House now. Spend it as long as it doesn’t come from your personal wallet, hey Mr. politician?

I’m sorely disappointed in the Republican establishment touting this man as a conservative, responsible, honest candidate. But wait, we’ve seen it before; so much so, I’m a registered independent. Watch this short one and half-minute video. Ask yourself, after seeing his ads denigrating his opponents, what makes you think he earns our trust?

Ohio, tomorrow is your day, I hope that this message reaches you. I believe you are hard-working people and you don’t want any nonsense. Well, folks you’re getting nonsense from Mitt Romney. In fact, every voter in every state needs to watch this video several times to see who this man really is. Next time you see an ad from Restore our Future, think HYPOCRITE. Think of THIS VIDEO and the truth of who Mr. Romney really is. Mr. Romney should be held without impunity.

This video is an example why I NEVER vote absentee ballot. I may request one to go over ballot initiatives and issues, but my votes on candidates are never recorded until just before election day and I walk my ballot to the polling place. A few years ago new information surfaced about an endorsement by a group for a senate candidate in CA. I made up fliers with that information and placed them on windshields of “value voters.” Their feedback? “If I had known that before, I would have voted differently, but I sent my ballot in.” NEVER vote absentee ballot. If you must, and need help, walk it to the polling place.

I don’t care if candidates differ on issues, but I do care if they are honest or hypocritical. Mr. Romney will NOT get my vote. GOP, listen up. We’re sick of it. I’ve become more and more convinced that conservatives, TRUE conservatives need a third-party. The Republican party has lost its moorings. I believe it’s lost and irreparably harmed.

See “The Santorum Factor”  by our contributor happeninghobbit.




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2 responses to “Mitt Romney–Spender-Hypocrite

  1. I was never fooled. I just got an email from Congressman Tom McClintock. He said that Boehner thinks people like him are holding back progress. I CERTAINLY HOPE SO. Boehner is not a conservative. This keeps proving my point that the GOP is not to be trusted.

  2. happeninghobbit

    All the establishment Republicans are endorsing Romney. That rather blows his “I’m not an insider” rhetoric. He’s honest in this video though, he’s no Republican, nor are all the other establishment “insiders” that are supporting him. Birds of a feather and all.

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