Dear Sunshine Patriots,

It is with a sad heart that I find myself feeling as discouraged today as I did in 2008. The rapidity with which so many Americans have turned on Todd Akin is proof that too many in this country are still seeking anyone who will lift the burden of maintaining this Republic off their personal shoulders.

Is it right that the Republican party came out against this man with a passion that should have been reserved for the Democrat party? What is it that Todd Akin said that was so “offensive”? Was it the part that spoke to the sanctity of life? Perhaps it was his inability to calculate his words so as not to “offend” the party and the suddenly high minded patriots. Have the patriots lost their way? It sure looks like it to me.

The airwaves are awash in Todd Akin stories, again, today as are the social sites. Almost every leader in the Republican party has put on their moderate, big tent hats and taken a seat on the talking heads platforms across America to show the world who can put their tail between their legs the fastest. Oh, whoopi “R’s” you win!!

I’m disgusted with all of them and mostly disgusted with the so-called patriots.  Is anyone going to question the validity of this nasty campaign against Todd Akin?  There are only two people who handled this with a modicum of civility and that was Palin & Limbaugh. At least they spoke in respectful terms making their points without shouting holier-than-thou demands at the man.

I’m listening to and reading the words of those who claim conservatism as their mantle. I don’t hear many conservative voices. What I hear is fear and timidity and an almost feverish desire to wave the white flag – Oh, bad, bad conservative!!  Those emotions are not what brought sweeping change in 2010 – the change of 2010 was born of our fearlessness and a total unwillingness to accept the talking points of any party.

The patriots took the reins, shook off the shackles of party and grabbed control of their rightful position in this Republic. Sadly, that is not happening today. Today the Sunshine Patriots seem tired of fighting and are simply all too willing to hand power back to the very people that have used that power against us again and again.

So, when we all go to the polls this November to cast our vote for Romney, not the favored candidate, just remember; Romney was selected by the same people who are right now slamming Todd Akin.  The Republican establishment did not support the TP favorite, Sarah Steelman, they got Todd Akin, now they don’t even have the strength of their own convictions to defend him. The old-guard are again running the slip-shod show and everyone who has joined their little Todd Akin bashing party is not only enabling them but handing your own God-given autonomy over to those who have repeatedly offended America. The same party who has openly disparaged the people. Are your memories so short? Will you remain Sunshine Patriots?

I leave you with these words from Thomas Jefferson:

When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”



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5 responses to “Dear Sunshine Patriots,

  1. BRAVO HappeningHobbit. I DO REMEMBER. Cornyn undermined the conservative running for the US senate in CA. Boehner says “he despises the tea party.” McCain tells us to go back under the earth, calling citizens for smaller government, Hobbits. The Republican Party is dead to me. Like Mark Levin says, if the GOP doesn’t listen up and get it right they will implode and implode they are doing. We need a movement as fast and furious as the founding of the Tea Party. We need a movement for a NEW independent conservative, Constitution-loving party. The GOP is dead to me. PERIOD.

    • happeninghobbit

      Yes, I remember all that nonsense too. Not to mention the Bill Krystal comment calling us Hobbits. Thanks Bill!!! Ha ha We do need to remember what formed the patriotic movement to begin with and not go backwards into complacency. It’s obvious the Repubs intent to take advantage us our complacency. This situation is just the encore if they get away with it.

    • There are now, I truly believe, millions who share our views – and the absolute need for assigning the GOP to the ash heap of history – much like its late and NOT-lamented predecessor, the Whig Party, in the 19th century!!

      The PEOPLE of this great country are NOT (IMHO) on the verge of going all socialist, etc. The Fed Gov’t and all those who suck at the public teat as public “servants” (“servants,” my ass!!) may be willing and happy to embrace a “socialist paradise” for their own well-being and future cushy retirement plans, but We The People are increasingly Conservative and would definitely be on board with a STRONG & POSITIVE Conservative Movement coming to power and pledging (and KEEPING those pledges!) to serve the people – and NOT the other way around!

  2. My God, have you actually entered my own head?!? I couldn’t have described the current scenario more accurately and have come to a better conclusion! Thank you a gazillion for articulating what I believe is the correct view of the matter. You have put everything in the right perspective – and we in the GOP and as Conservatives had better do a lot of reflection if we’re ever going to crawl out from under the dreadful & rotten influence of the Lib Prog Regressives in our society! They have obviously infected far too many folks on the Right and in the Conservative Movement as well!

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