Free-Market Cat vs Socialist Cat

Odd title isn’t it. Remember that old phrase “cool cat?”  OK I’m showing my age. Our President IS a socialist cat and it’s not cool.

We’re helping a stray cat now.  She’s been here for about two weeks as we try to find the owner or a new home.  She’s earning her keep by taking care of the field mice and unfortunately some the birds we like to feed.  We think she believes it’s her job to keep the pests out.  She’d make a great companion or a ranch cat.  She’s loving, non-aggressive, and just wants security and love. She’s willing to work for her room and board.

The situation brings back memories of the two stray cats we adopted.  La Gata was in sad shape when she cried in pain at our doorstep.  Starving to death she looked as if she came from one of Hitler’s death camps.  We gave her milk and a little food.  She was so weak she could only drink or eat very little amounts, then rest.  The rule was she was not to come in the house. As weeks went by, she could go in the garage. YA right!  La Gata was looking different and we soon realized she was a he and was renamed Gato.  He lived for 16 years under the care of our family.  He recovered to be “the most beautiful cat” the groomers had ever seen. At the peak of his recovery he weighed 18 pounds.  We affectionately said he looked like Orson Wells.

As he assimilated to rules and gained more freedom in the house, he acted according to his feline instinct by marking his territory.  Straight for the wall he aimed.  I screamed and chased him out the slider to the back yard.  Gato was so traumatized he had made me angry, he quickly ran to the back fence, caught a bird, kept it in his mouth and mewed to bring it in as a gift to make amends.  I told him, “it’s a nice bird , but it’s not coming in the house.”  It’s as if he understood every word.  He quickly spit it out and cried for mercy.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  He stayed out for a while longer.  He was  a free market cat.  He needed something, went and got it on his own, and wanted to share with us in the only way he knew.  It was his bird, he worked for it, he earned it. Our second younger stray on the other hand showed her colors.

Shadow saw the bird-gift and promptly picked it up and took it around the side door of the garage and ceremoniously presented it at the kitchen door.  She was taking credit for something someone else had accomplished. She was the socialist cat. She hoped to gain from someone else’s work. Had something happened to us she may not have been able to survive on her own.  That is how it is with socialists.  They are not self-sufficient.  What’s the old saying — the best way to help a man is not to give him a fish but to teach him how to fish?

Shadow grew and matured and learned from Gato that taking care of herself was the better idea.  Gato’s affection toward Shadow taught her many things. He would care for her, defend her, and show her how things worked. Praise and gifts were more readily accepted if she won them herself.  Consequently, on several occasions she would whine outside the slider to come in, and lo-and-behold she would open her mouth and release a live butterfly.  It was something to see.  She did not hurt it, bat it or play with it, she just presented her live gift, earning her much praise.

It makes me wonder why our President was not taught to be self-sufficient and why it’s acceptable to take the fruit of other’s labor for himself and his friends. What lacked in his upbringing that makes him less of a man?

Simple, weak analogy, yes.  We don’t offer anyone a favor by simply handing them things.  A need that cannot be met because of circumstances must always be helped with generosity.

Our President says “work” should not be required of able-bodied persons collecting welfare from the citizens of this country who have worked to provide for their families.  He is what psychologists call an enabler, what political intellectuals call a socialist. He has never worked for a paycheck a day in his life or run a business.  He takes from others who have worked for it, gives it to himself and to his friends.  He buys friends with our money.  He is not one who learns. He’s the antithesis of a true American President. He is the antithesis of John F. Kennedy and the American work ethic. The new movie documentary by Gerald Molen, Oscar-winning producer of Schlinder’s list, gives a glimpse of why this man is what he is.  The movie “2016: Obama’s America” is playing now in theaters across the country.  Yesterday, it was the number one box office hit to the surprise of Hollywood.

He is the socialist cat. He’s one that doesn’t learn. He’s in the position of the Presidency because of the very people and country he hates. He has been given an opportunity. He is ungrateful. He’s a taker. He believes he’s entitled to what others have and he takes it without a blink of concern or shame. He is the socialist cat and it’s not “cool.”



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