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Donnelly Bus

For the first time since Reagan we Californians have the incredible opportunity to place a constitutionally directed, freedom respecting candidate, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, in the Governor’s seat of our beautiful State of California.

DO NOT allow this opportunity to be lost because you don’t believe you need to contribute dollars and personal support to his campaign.  Tim Donnelly has served, since December 2012, as a member of the California State Assembly in the 33rd District and knows first-hand the devastating effects of liberal governance. You can review his work To-Stop-the-Downward-Trend by viewing his bills and voting record here,

If you are truly concerned about the direction our State has been on under Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown then you must do everything you can to get Tim Donnelly elected and into the Governor’s office. The Primaries are June 3, 2014. We have one more month to secure Tim’s nomination – There is NO time to dilly-dally.

Does anyone really want a 4th term of Jerry Brown? A 4th term!! Does anyone reading this really want a RINO, supported by the Old Guard GOP, to be Governor? Read about the latest GOP RINO offering here; Neel Who? and here; GOP Hopeful

We have an option this time, an opportunity to end the regressive social, environmental and economic policies of the Democrats under Jerry Brown who picked up where the weak-willed Arnold Schwarzenegger left off AND we can vote in a Constitution respecting, free-market advocate who believes in liberty and will unbridle the opportunities that this Golden State has in great abundance.

Patriot not Politician is NOT just a campaign slogan – It is an affirmation.  I’m not asking my fellow California citizens to contribute dollars and support – I’m telling you to offer dollars and support or forever hold your complaints to yourselves. Good candidates need support from good people.

If you don’t intend to financially & personally support a great candidate then stop your whining and complaining on Facebook & Twitter and to your neighbors and friends. Go home and kindly padlock yourselves inside. Allow those of us who are working to make a profound and successful difference have the time and space you are currently wasting. California Dreamin’ is for dreamers with a strong California to dream in, we need a reality check because right now an awful lot of people are only dreamin’ about getting out of here instead of dreamin’ about what they can accomplish here.

I will expect those of you who refuse to add one smidgen of support toward a positive solution to practice the following;

  • Smile broadly when taxes & fees are raised on everything from shoes to cell phones & cable TV,
  • Sing hallelujah at the top of your lungs as gasoline prices continue to soar,
  • Dance the jig when property taxes go up (this will affect renters too),
  • Worship at the altar of CARB as they shut down the trucking industry in California,
  • Party hearty with the EPA when you can’t find local produce due to Jerry Brown and his fellow Dems shutting off the water to our valley farmers,
  • Warble like a song bird as unemployment figures go through the roof due to all the above and more,
  • Croon at the font of diversity when your children are subjected to all sorts of perversions in their school class rooms and bathrooms!!

This State may not see another decent individual who would even attempt a run at the Governor’s seat for many years or most likely decades. Fact is, we in California don’t have years, much less decades, to turn our State around. Get on board with the solution – His name is Tim Donnelly and he is a Patriot not a Politician. Got it? Good. Now show your support. Together we CAN do this.

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Acceptable Casualties – Thank you Michelle Malkin

Thank you Michelle Malkin!!!

Yesterday Ms Malkin wrote an article titled “The High Priest of Eco-Destruction.” Ken Salazar is just that. As a member of a group that attended the “Save Rural America” event in October, I was VERY pleased to see her mention the fight that Yreka, CA residents where fighting against the Goliath government department that Ken Salazar heads. One small mistake, she said Siskiyou County was in Oregon. It is at the Oregon border but is the further most county of California. That aside she was spot on.

Ms Malkin is the first nationally recognized name that has addressed this subject and the injustice raging in the Klamath River basin. THANK YOU! Fox News wrote the most unbalanced articles on this situation, and no national name, Levin, Hannity, Breitbart, or Beck have addressed it. (See the references below on the Fox News article.)

Secretary Salazar wants to remove four perfectly working hydro-electric dams. WAIT! Aren’t hydro-electric dams considered “green energy?” Isn’t that one of the lowest carbon footprint industries for power? YES, but money and land is to be had through nefarious means and George Soros is waiting with his hand out.

In the world view of our government it believes that the citizens of such actions taken by our regulatory bodies are “acceptable casualities.” Plants, fish, birds, lizards and any other living organism or creature are always placed above the needs, security, health or rights of individual human beings. We are the last on their list to be considered “sustainable” or valuable enough to save. Their actions turn our Constitution upside down. It is ungodly, period. No where in Biblical scripture will you find that man is to serve the earth. The earth serves mankind. Good stewards of the earth yes, but not subservient to it.

When the Condit dam was removed in the state of Washington a few months ago, in the guise to help fish, the greenies shouted in praise to environmental gods. Pictures of the river since that implosion show the devastation, not only to the river but to adjacent private property. Again, “acceptable casualties” for eco-destructionists as Ms Malkin calls them. I call them eco-terrorists and worshippers of a false religion known as Gaia. For those unfamiliar with that term it is earth worship.

Take a look at this photo and tell me, is THIS acceptable to you? If this was your property would you consider devastation acceptable for a fish that may never swim the ruined river again?

Collateral Damage from Condit Dam Removal

Eco-Destruction is right Ms Malkin but its more than that. It is destruction of the human spirit when we can no longer trust our government to protect our homes, lives, safety, and security. Let’s call it what it is EVIL.

For more blogs concerning this subject please see:

The Real McCoys
Fox News Fails Farmers
Soros, Buffett vs Farmers
Sheriff’s Stand Tall for Constitution
Erin Brockovich Revisited?


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The Sustainability Ruse

Today I read one of the most thoughtful arguments against our country’s newest buzz word, sustainability. Dr. Ron Ross for American Thinker wrote “Now Playing: The Sustainability Con.”   The full article is a “must read.” For some time we’ve heard sustainable development, living cities, sustainable solutions, renewable energy, green this and that.  Dr. Ross gives insight into a theory and agenda thought long ago to be debunked and calls it “endless streams of gibberish and pseudo-science from the well-established neo-Malthusian establishment.”  Yet, we are seeing it rear its ugly head with a new name “sustainability.” Radical environmentalists are using the very tactics described in his article. He hits the target in his opening remarks:

Although the issue of “sustainability” has been around a while, recently it has grown in popularity and influence. The way it’s happening follows an all too familiar pattern.

There are several common ingredients in how the left enlarges its control over our lives. The first is the selection of some aspect of reality — global warming, carbon footprints, population growth, inequality, diversity, for example. The second element involves designating the selected aspect of reality as a crisis. The third step is to explain that the only way to avoid Armageddon is by reducing everyone’s freedom and by giving more centralized power and control to those who understand the magnitude of the crisis. The rest of us are told that our freedoms are a luxury we simply can no longer afford.

Another common element of the process is defining the crisis as ambiguously as possible. Ordinarily, a desirable characteristic of a definition is that it draws a bright line between what is included and what isn’t. Clarity, however, is contrary to the objectives of the crusaders — in regard to defining the problem, the slipperier the better. For example, climate change (or climate disruption) beats global warming. Global warming is too quantifiable in comparison to climate change. No one is quite sure what “climate change” is or isn’t or how it can be measured. Sustainability is even more ambiguous than climate change and thus has more sustainability as a ruse.

“The third step is to explain the ONLY way to avoid Armageddon is by reducing everyone’s freedom and by giving more centralized power and control to those who understand the magnitude of the crisis.” Does another quote come to mind? What was it that Rahm Emanuel said?  Something along the lines of — never let a crisis go to waste? Hey, if you don’t have one, create the illusion, right?

The following is an old YouTube video of those up and coming leaders of the radical environmental movement.  Yes, it makes any sane person laugh, but trust me folks these are the same people leading the green movement or their useful idiots. I see them in San Francisco bay area airports with waist-long gray hair, wearing Birkenstock sandals, and I kid you not, at times tie-dyed skirts.  Most have moved on to designer dresses and suits.

I think the participants words give her away.  Bring me to this “cathedral.”   This my friends is Gaia.  Earth worship.

A quote from their group founder says: “Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on earth, social and environmental.”
— David Foreman, Founder of Earth First!

Have you heard anyone ask, whether in a public meeting or interview, “What is considered NOT sustainable?” Next time you hear someone give the mantra of the progressive environmentalists, ask them the question.  If you’re in a “visioning” meeting for planning your regional transportation, or in a business touting their “green policies” ask them. Point black, give me the definition.  If they can’t answer you, quit doing business with them and pull out your condensed copy of the GBDAR.  Trust me they don’t know. They’ve bought into an agenda to make themselves look good or keep them out of trouble with the powers that be.

I do know. It’s in the Global Bio-Diversity Assessment Report.  You may get access to the pdf report complete with page numbers coinciding with each issue on  Scroll down to the title “What is Unsustainable?”  Man is the problem! In their view we must be marginalized or eliminated. Make no mistake they mean to accomplish it and they are well on their way. These people are dangerously delusional. Others are just plain evil.  Don’t push it off to the side thinking they are a small insignificant group.  They aren’t. They are well-financed by the likes of George Soros and other multi-millionaire globalist who want a one world government. Their means? A manufactured environmental crisis with a manufactured resolution under many names using, “sustainable solutions.”

They mean business and so should we.  We must know the answers they won’t give. Knowledge is power. Load your arsenal with knowledge.  Facts are hard to refute. I’ve seen the “deer in the headlight” looks at a recent meeting when public officials found we knew more than they thought.  They were not comfortable.  In fact, they were quietly seething inside.




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Erin Brockovich Revisited?

Cancer rates rising.  Have you heard about it?  I dare say NO.

During our visit to Yreka, Siskiyou County, California we attended the Defend Rural America event. We learned about an issue that should be every American’s concern.  We have a government that wants to control every aspect of your life. Special interests rule the day and control most of our politicians.  If they can be bought, and most can, they will sell you down the river and they don’t care about the consequences to you, your property, health, or your Constitutional rights.   One aspect about the proposed Klamath River Basin dam removals rarely, if ever  spoken of, is the danger to the health of those living downstream from imploded dams and the 20,000 tons of silt coming their direction.

Have you heard of the rapidly rising cancer rates for those living down stream on the Rogue River after the Gold Ray and Gold Hill diversion dams were imploded and removed?  Of course not. Silt carrying Chromium-6 has been found released into the water supply downstream after the dams were removed. Christen Piattie of the Examiner exposed the problem in her article “Rogue River – Heavy Metals are Being Churned Up From Dam Removals.” (July 17, 2011) The EPA, in-the-pocket politicians, and special interests don’t want the public to know the same plans for the Klamath River Basin could remove water from areas down stream, dry up private wells, and release contaminated silt. What is left of the water supply may very well contain life threatening materials to humans, wildlife, fish and contaminate the land downstream causing, perhaps, generational devastation.

She writes:

As a cancer survivor, I feel like I should do what I can to protect people from unnecessary harm from any water supply or local area resources. Unfortunately, our country’s low standard of environmental protection leaves many gaps in the current legal structure, and many community utilities are not required to report certain trace elements or testing numbers that fall out of a stated range.

In 2008 a local environmental activist had checked with the Three Rivers hospital, according to Curtis Hayden of The Sneak Preview, and found 17.2% of cancer cases were of the intero-gastero-intestinal type (one of the many linked to this contaminant). He checked again two years after all the dams were taken out, and the amount of cases increased to 42.6%. He thinks that there is a sound connection here; I agree and aim to look into this further myself. I plan to follow this story as I find more leads, and read about local environmental activists that are as passionate as I am about our citizen’s health.

The silt from the four Klamath basin dams proposed for removal has many thousands of tons more silt than those on the Rogue River. During the event in Yreka, CA, Chromium-6 was mention in the the video presentation.  I looked at my traveling companion and asked, “Did he just say Chromium-6? Is that the same substance that was killing people in the movie ‘Erin Brockovich?'”   She replied, “I believe so.”

The Condit dam was recently removed in Washington state. Let me show you what the river will look like after the dam removals.  Actually, it will be far worse with four dams removed.

Do you think Salmon will be swimming up that river anytime soon?  Does Congressman Mike Thompson (D) of  first Congressional District of California care?  Does Senator Jeff Merkley (D) of Oregon care?  My guess is flat-out NO! They tout temporary jobs.  What a joke! Money lining their pockets places them in a category of criminal neglect of citizens in their districts and states. This is a combination of the EPA regulatory body placing exorbitant re-licensing fees on hydro-election dams, and special interest groups pouring money into the area as a means to an end.  The Department of Interior, NOAA, and Fish and Game using their federal powers exerting force for dam removals, enriching connected special interest groups, politicians, and financial cronies will be complicit in any and all damage that will ravage the region.

Truth is truth folks.  In the end it comes out.  Sadly, most of the time long after the damage is done, as we’ve seen in asbestos exposure.  Perhaps that is what the politicians are counting on. Will the government be liable for cancers from carcinogenic particles released into what is left of the residents water supply?  What deformities will we see in the salmon and other life in that region?

Whose legacy, faces, and names will we see in the history books for the devastation to the land, people, and wildlife?  I dare say it will be a rogues’ gallery of men with evil intentions, such as George Soros funding the Nature Conservancy and Earth Justice; those touting service to their constituents as a ruse to enrich themselves– the above mentioned politicians; Warren Buffett owner of Pacific Corps and many others wearing federal uniforms and holding federal titles.

Principle and compassion is not and never was an attribute of their characters. If it were, they would expose the rising cancer rates in the areas of dam removals, and would put a halt to their plans in the Klamath River Basin.


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Obama’s Absolute Magnitude of Failure

It’s impossible to touch on every avenue in which our current President has affected our county. We must ask ourselves, “Does this President want our country, our citizens, and our children to thrive?”  The evidence says NO!  His administration has recently, during the last legislative fight, issued new regulations that will cost the US citizens eleven billion dollars a year, close 70 coal fire utility plants and kill 10% of our electricity supply. By stealth and deception during the Christmas holiday, while we were trying to relax from our labors and enjoy our families, the President and his cronies are systematically transforming this country back to the stone age.

Is it unrealistic expectations for a failed industry in Europe to succeed here? Is it just plain incompetence? Or is it something more sinister?  Do you remember candidate Obama’s wife saying “America is a mean country?” I do. Why would a President want this country to fail?  Today on Fox Business News, Charles Payne exposed the cost to UK residents will be $7,700 per year until 2050 to bring about their “clean energy” agenda.  It is very likely to be much more costly for those of us in the U.S.

Fox Business News link for video:

Iran is now threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz, cutting off our oil supply. Yet, this President will not allow the Keystone Pipeline to be built accessing oil from a neighbor and ally, Canada.  He would prefer to side with radical environmentalists, big donors to his campaign, and kill the pipeline that would give us a safe supply of oil. He would prefer we continue to “bow” to foreign enemy states to receive our much-needed fuel. Recalling the photos and articles of our President bowing to leaders of Saudia Arabia, shunning Netanyahu, and returning the bust of Churchill, just to name a few, is VERY disconcerting. Placing our country in jeopardy is not just ideological foolishness, it is dangerous.

There’s a pattern here ladies and gentlemen and it’s a pattern that does not inspire respect for a man who touted “hope” as his campaign slogan. It is very evident he does not want this country to soar to the very pinnacle of success and innovation of which we are capable, if only we were unshackled from the prison chains of regulation and executive orders. No he wants us cowering in the cold and dark, begging and pleading for relief. Does he want a new plantation? His own slaves? Does he want to be our “master?” Strong words I know.  Yes, strong words for strong actions against this country and its citizens.

Bill Whittle of PJTV succinctly gives us a short rundown of this man’s failures and attitudes.

Whittle YouTube:

Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan inspired us. This man doesn’t.  Do you feel he’s on YOUR side?  I don’t.  Is he on the side of your children and a successful future?  Maybe if you consider going back to the days of reading school books by candlelight.  Yes, I’m looking forward to gathering wood, huddled by the fire and cooking our food, aren’t you? Oh wait, silly me, this administration is closing access to public lands, forests, rivers and lakes.  No wood.  Now what?

Keep thinking folks.  This man is shutting down life as you want it and know it. This next election is the most important that this country has ever seen. Your very life and future counts on the decision you make in the voting booth.  An establishment candidate will only slow it down.  Pick your candidate carefully. Which one is a Constitutionalist? Which one respects our allies? Which one respects your freedom?

Obama’s absolute magnitude of failure as an American President is off the Richter scale.  He would do better in a third world country as its dictator. Who knows maybe that’s his next move.  Hugo isn’t looking well these days.



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Radical Environmentalism is Heartless!

The Sacramento Bee posted an article on November 29, 2010, “California’s Poverty Grows Three Times As Fast As Population.

Christmas is coming. There will be many young people happy to have something to eat let alone the joy of new toys or clothes. Heartless, radical environmentalists can take a bow for much of the poverty and heartache in California and across the nation.

As I read the data from the Census Bureau report, I was struck by the county and school districts in poverty areas. Two of them have been hit hard by radical environmental state and federal laws and regulations. Radical environmentalism, pure and simple, is heartless. The attempt to place a smiley face on saving the earth, animals, trees, rivers, lizards, fish, frogs and owls have taken a toll on human life. Senators Boxer, Feinstein, Congress members Mike Thompson, Pelosi, and many others receiving donations from environmental groups have set the human being aside.

Two of the hardest hit counties are Fresno and Tehama. The Fresno unified school district shows a whopping 44 percent poverty rate. Fresno County is infamous for the political drought shutting water off to farmers and ranchers in the guise of saving the Delta Smelt. Senators Boxer and Feinstein are proud of placing children in food lines. In fact, Boxer stated they would make sure that plenty of food was in the food banks. Isn’t that nice? Would she like to join them? She so often comes up with pithy little sayings like that.

Tehama County’s Reed Creek school district shows a poverty rate of 43.3 percent. Tehama County is also the target of radical environmentalist. Thirty-five lawsuits against Sierra Pacific Industries by radical environmental groups, such as Battle Creek Alliance, have attempted to stop the remaining logging in the area. Environmentalists have continuously bombarded the areas with lawsuits costing time and money, not to mention placing jobs on hold.

The same tactic has been used in Plumas County, CA. Plumas was once one of the richest counties in the nation. Now it is one of the poorest. Only one mill continues in Plumas. The school districts were the best in the nation. NOT NOW.   They are attempting to forge ahead in Siskiyou County, CA and Grant County, OR as you have seen in our series on Defending Rural America.

Radical environmentalists truly want us back in the dark ages. They don’t want homes built, cars running, planes flying or anything that uses energy or other natural resources. Lunacy has set in. If we could transport these people back in time about 60 years, they would be laughed out of their neighborhoods. In their opinion, God’s pinnacle of creation, the human being, should not exist or thrive. They do NOT want you, your children or grandchildren to thrive. They do not want you to use the abundant resources that God has given our nation. It is diabolical, evil, godless, and inhumane to place lower life forms over those made in God’s image.

There will be a price to pay one day. I for one will be looking forward to the shocked looked on their faces when confronted in judgment for their lack of compassion, on the human race, by the very Sovereign who created them.

God mandated that MAN was to “….rule OVER the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” (Genesis 1:28) HE did not say to be subservient to them. In Romans 1:25 it states: “For they exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” Worshipping nature, known as Gaia, is the LIE. In verse 28 it says “God gave them over to a depraved mind” when they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer. Depravity is symptomatic in bowing to a fish, to an owl, to a lizard. Visualize that. When the smiley face is removed from the radical environmental tactics it ends in depravity, and death. Killing people and their land is depraved.

This isn’t just a political battle, this is a spiritual battle that is entrenched in our country and around the globe.



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Sheriffs Stand Tall for Constitution

Sheriff Jon Lopey

Sheriff’s Stand Tall for the Constitution

A bright, shining moment in Siskiyou County on Oct 22, 2011.

In our earlier visits to the Defend Rural America series, we looked at The Real McCoys, Fox News Fails Siskiyou Farmers and Soros, Buffet vs Farmers in order to communicate the battle these citizens are facing.   This is no small matter.  This is not localized.  This will happen across our nation.

However, this is the test area.  If they can accomplish the ravishing of property rights in Siskiyou County, they will have formed their playbook to move to your area.

Barry Clausen states in his investigative article “Is Government Creating Violence?” November 12, 2011:

“Siskiyou County, Sheriff Lopey was incensed when he discovered that Federal Agents traveled to his county and were investigating farmers and ranchers within his jurisdiction without first notifying him of their intentions. One of the issues is the incident that happened on August 29, 2011 when NOAA Federal Agent Tim Broadman went to home of Doug and Gail Jenner to question/investigate them without properly notifying Sheriff Lopey in advance of their visit.”

“In an effort to bring the issue to the forefront, eight Constitutional Sheriffs met in Yreka, California on October 22, 2011. They participate in a panel sponsored by the “Scott Valley Protect Our Water organization” which is designed to expose the agencies that are creating the anger. In attendance were: Grant Co. Oregon Sheriff Glenn E. Palmer, Trinity Co. Sheriff Bruce Haney, Del Norte Co. Sheriff Dean Wilson, Tehama Co. Sheriff Dave Hencratt, Lassen Co. Sheriff Dean Growden, Plumas Co. Sheriff Greg Hagwood, Shasta Co. Sheriff Tom Bosenko and Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey who also spoke at the Defend Rural America event.”  (a must see video)

Sheriff Lopey Video:

The federal government did not count on the citizens or a group of “Constitutional Sheriffs” banding together to protect the rights of WE THE PEOPLE. Most of us are unaware of the LAW of coordination. Federal agencies are to coordinate with local law enforcement for any action within a local jurisdiction.  They have not always abided by that law.

These are men of the highest caliber; men we have not seen in a very long time or not unaware of.  A short video gives you a sense of the their concern:

The full length version of the Sheriff’s panel highlights what they are battling: Sheriff’s Stand Tall:

This is encouraging, and it gets even better.  Retired Sheriff Richard Mack, previously of Arizona, has formed the County Sheriff Project.  He is reaching out to county sheriff’s across this nation. Men and women of the same quality we’ve viewed above, will be gathering.  He states:

“In Las Vegas nearly 10% of America’s county sheriffs will walk away with the constitutional training and first hand knowledge of fellow sheriffs’ success stories in upholding their oaths of office. These constitutional sheriffs will establish a Declaration reaffirming their Oaths and enumerating the federal government violations that will no longer be tolerated.”

They need your help.  Sheriff Mack hopes to have 200 attend and we would like to make sure that they can, without taking funds from their personal funds.  WE can help.  The County Sheriff Project would like to raise $200,000 to bring the sheriffs to the convention.  I don’t know about you but I can give up a burger or two to get this done.

Please help yourself by helping them.  Let’s make this a blowout success. Please donate at: County Sheriff Project 

Let’s give those who Stand Tall with us the help and support they need.

If you to contact Sheriff Mack for a speaking engagement,  contact him via the link above.


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