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From Tea Party to Operation American Spring

Eagle Praying

One of the fundamental changes that has been forced upon Americans is the inappropriately named Affordable Health Care Act. This has been, and continues to be, the gift that keeps on giving, however the majority of the GOP has chosen to ignore this gift of political opportunity and the result is they have done nothing more than wail and gnash their teeth at the very people who gave them the House in 2010, asking only that this destructive law would be repealed, and here we are in 2014 still under the yoke of the Affordable Health Care Act.

It is a mystery and perhaps even something other worldly that this political gift which was tied in a beautiful bow, woven out of the fabric of their constituents, has been cast aside under their tree of special interest privilege. The Tea Party citizens of this country were like the pearls before the swine to this old guard GOP who have proven to be completely undeserving of our loyalty and trust.

Early response to the inaction of these representatives brought many Tea Party members to fully engage in the political system.  Many ran for office and continue to do so. What began from the grassroots is now an integral part of the political machine. This is good for the most part but, make no mistake, those who have entered politics are no longer fully rooted to the grassroots movement of 2009. A large portion of the Tea Party functions as a genuine Party within the Republican Party complete with their own funding mechanisms. Again, this can be good – they can function as the conscience of a waffley Republican Party.

After more than five years of constant disappointment and witnessing hundreds of destructive policies  forced upon us the patriot’s reactions to these self-indulgent politicians is a call from Col. Riley to Operation American Spring (OAS).  Like the response to the beginnings of the Tea Party movement OAS is being ignored by the media, the Beltway and also the uprooted Tea Party groups. A strange and unexplainable reaction has come from Glenn Beck who had originally been a whistle blower and go-to individual during the birth of the Tea Party movement. He was fearless. He was bold. “Was” is the operative word. He has become the very thing he warned us against. He is not alone in this.

Unlike the Tea Party, OAS is demanding this president and his administration be removed. This is a reasonable demand in consideration of the many laws this administration has ignored and continues to ignore. It is reasonable because the representatives to whom we gave our trust in 2010 have broken that trust and broken their oath’s of office to protect this sovereign nation and her people. They have allowed and joined in with this administration to continually and strategically ignore the Constitution and behave in a completely lawless manner.

The Patriots on the ground in Washington DC, since May 16, 2014, are woven of the same patriotic fabric however, one day rallies is not the chosen path of OAS. Their plan is to remain until their demands are met. This purpose driven, grassroots movement has taken the only Constitutional option left for the people to take back our Republic. Without taking this next step we risk, once again, being seen but not heard.

The large Tea Party organizations have become an extension of the Republican Party along with many of the smaller local groups who participate at the local levels. The true Tea Party autonomy of the 2010 election season is nowhere to be found these days. It is still alive in the OAS. In the beginning of the Tea Party movement politicians were not allowed to speak at rallies so our autonomy and “Don’t Tread On Me” convictions would not be diluted, now politicians are invited in.

Clearly the next step in securing our Republic will come from the people involved in OAS. Tea Parties were contacted to participate, however those Tea Party organizations refused to be a part of this. Meanwhile the concerns we had in 2009 have yet to be addressed and the deceit continues unanswered and growing at an alarming rate. We are on the edge of losing our Republic. Politics is fine and necessary but citizen involvement to keep politicians honest is even finer and more necessary. Time is running short.

Both groups are needed. Both groups are necessary. If the OAS manages to pull our Republic back from the rubble it will be because of these citizens and those who support them and their cause because, in truth, it’s America’s cause. Keeping the politicians and the Tea Party activists honest can only be accomplished by the everyday, God fearing, citizens whose respect for their  individual freedoms inoculates them from the allure of political power. There is nothing so distasteful and threatening as are dishonest politicians to freedom-loving American citizens. These are the heart & soul of our Republic.  Shame on those who turn their backs on their fellow Americans and mock these OAS participants.  Memories appear to be conveniently short.

The best place I have found to keep up with the OAS Patriots is right HERE.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, (Ret) Operation American Spring WEBSITE.

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Rand Paul Schools the Patriots

We The People, we Americans, began the Tea Party movement without help, aid or advice from politicians and we blossomed despite their wayward antics to co-opt us and their nasty rhetoric when we proved not to be pushovers. Innumerable hours have been spent studying, attending lectures, straining our eyes into the wee hours reading material off the internet, organizing, communicating, attending meetings and flat out rolling up our sleeves. Our efforts, which have included revamping our lives in many cases, has all been done not for money or prestige but for our country whose founding principles we embrace.

Was this 5th Anniversary celebrating an historical grassroots movement not an occasion to congratulate the Tea Party for their successes both in election outcomes and in the numerous effective organizations that have grown from it? Was this not an opportune time to say “thank you for fighting the good fight”? How about a pep talk for the patriots, a simple attaboy & girl. No, instead he focused on one comment from one individual whose sin was exercising his Constitutionally protected freedom of speech. Isn’t that something Sen. Paul should protect & defend?

He further stated; “There are times, and I don’t think it is our movement, but there are times when people are using language that shouldn’t be used.”  If it was not “our movement” (of which he obviously wants to be considered a member), then why did he bring it up in this venue? He went on; “I recently criticized someone for using some of that language, and I’m not going to bring it up (he just did, again), but I will say that we can disagree with the president without calling him names.” .

To conclude he added “When we present our message, if we want a bigger crowd … our message has to be … one of optimism, one of inclusiveness, one of growth.” The Tea Party movement has conducted themselves with class and restraint hundreds of times over these past 5 years. From rallies to Congressional hearings we have presented our message with knowledge and courage.  From precinct walking to 2Million Bikers to DC our cause, our message, has always been accomplished with a singleness of purpose and a willingness to work together. Dozens of conservative candidates, including Sen. Paul, are now elected officials. Surely he hasn’t forgotten who got him where he is.  The grassroots is growing and will continue to grow with or without Sen. Paul. However, he and the rest of government cannot continue without the support of the people.

I am not a politician and I do not like being schooled by politicians. I am an informed American citizen and I see a distinct change in his message and not for the better. Last year at CPAC when speaking to a packed room of conservatives, Rand Paul, exercising his free speech, called the Obama administration “completely out of control.”  Has anything changed since in this administration?  No, in fact it has gotten further “out of control”.

At this point in time, at that 5th Anniversary venue, Sen. Paul’s decision to school a captive audience of Patriots was wholly inappropriate, entirely off base and ridiculously arrogant.

By the way, where is the Rand Paul who gave this speech?

Happy 5th Anniversary Tea Party – Long Live This Free Nation !

5th Anniversary Speech


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Neel Who?

Neel Kashkari

Neel Kashkari

The California GOP players, who do not intend to relinquish the reins of control, have evidently set their sights on a candidate to run against Jerry Brown in this year’s Gubernatorial race. We do have a Republican conservative candidate, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, but the GOP in their insatiable desire to control the outcome of all things have other ideas.

The CA GOP’s choice is Neel  Kashkari a tried and true good ol’ boy/Republican-in-Name-Only. This will stir the waters for conservatives who firmly support Tim Donnelly in the run for Governor of CA. And this is exactly a part of the GOP’s plan to slay conservatism in 2014. We’ve been through this before but this year the GOP is firmly on the warpath to stop all conservative, i.e., Tea Party candidates.

When I heard Neel Kashkari’s name floated as a possible Gubernatorial candidate I decided to do some research for my own information. However, finding information on Kashkari has been pretty much an exercise in repetition that doesn’t go back much further than 2006. It seems only what is meant to be known is known.

In 2006 he joined the Treasury Department  as Senior Advisor to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. Prior to that position he was Vice President at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in San Francisco. Two years later in 2008 he was chosen to steer the $700 billion bailout. However, information is scant save his resume, some glowing reports from those who worked with him or knew him and his work with Henry Paulson and G.W. Bush.  All I have been able to find are some previous articles by writers, with better connections than I, that have faced the same situation that still exists in 2014 – there’s not a lot of there, there.

In 2008 OpEd writer & Huffington Post contributor, Rob Kall, stated “Frankly, it almost seems as though the web has been scrubbed of all background on this man of the hour.”  Huffington Post

Also in 2008, Hamilton Nolan at Gawker said much the same thing. “The whole entire media is scrambling to come up with enough background on the guy to fill up a feature story, and it is rough going.”  Gawker

Recently  the L.A. Times ran a piece on Kashkari’s announcement of his intention to consider running for CA Governor calling himself “a different kind of Republican”. He supports abortion rights, same-sex marriage and amnesty which he calls a path to legalization. His advisory team consists of the same people who advised Mitt Romney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sounds like the same ol’, same ol’ and it’s beyond tiring now.  L.A. Times

The below video link is Kashkari dodging direct questions from Rep Manzullo regarding the 3 million dollar bonuses given to AIG executives after the tax payer funded bailout. Kashkari is well versed in dodging and has the composure of an insider who knows the hearing is all for show. The fix was in. YouTube Video


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Olympia Snowe Killer of Freedom

Many of us will have forgotten it was a Republican who foisted Obamacare upon the American people.  Her vote brought it out of committee to the senate floor for a vote.  Had she not voted for this bill, it would have died.  Olympia Snowe’s legacy will forever be the demise of our freedom and government so out of control that it will shackle all generations after us.  The GOP does not have high ground to stand on.  They are the party of the good old boy establishment.  Trent Lott who said,

 “We don’t need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples,” Lott said in an interview. “As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them.”

It’s easy to see Mr. Lott doesn’t stand with citizens who are tired of being shackled with over spending and regulations.  NO!  He likes keeping his power and burdening the American people as long as he has his.

Lindsey Graham evoked Jesus Christ as his reason for voting for Elena Kagan.  See Michelle Malkin’s article.

Orrin Hatch openly admitted, “I despise these people,” referring to Freedom Works and tea party citizens hoping to remove him from office.  Once again the good old boy mentality rages when they are threatened by the lowly citizen.

The votes giving the President his “traditional right” to have who he wants on the Supreme Court of the United States is an affront to every freedom loving person who lives under the flag of this country.  The senator who votes a freedom killing bill out of committee is an affront to all citizens who love our Founding Fathers and Constitution.

Today America may have died and I see no real help coming from the GOP.  Romney is Obama-lite.  I don’t trust him.  But what is our choice? If we leave Obama in place we will be full-blown Communists by the time he ends his reign.   The GOP will only slow the demise.  The only hope was to remove people like Hatch, Graham, Snowe and those of their ilk.  I don’t hold much hope.

Those who voted for Barack Obama because they wanted to be part of history have done exactly that.  They have become partners with weak-kneed justices and politicians who long ago forgot their oath of offices to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, as written, to protect our Republic.

My neighbors voted for this man.  Now some regret it.  Too late!  You’ve stolen my grandchildrens’ future, freedom, and economic prosperity.

I believe the quote from Scott Horton, in Harper’s Magazine, July 2007 says it well:

As Benjamin Franklin left the Constitutional Convention, on September 18, 1787, a certain Mrs. Powel shouted out to him: “Well, doctor, what have we got?,” and Franklin responded: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Like many of the Founding Fathers, he was intensely concerned that the democratic institutions they were crafting would deteriorate over time. In particular, they were concerned—and talked ceaselessly during the convention about the risk that, under pressures and exigencies of war, a tyrant would collapse their system into something closer to the monarchy that they had just defeated. Over the intervening 220 years, the republic has maintained itself, though not without close calls. And today, while we face what may be the gravest challenge in the nation’s history, our media will serve up the next chapter in the life of Paris Hilton.

Little did we know the “war” would be within our borders perpetrated by our own government against its citizens.  Olympia Snowe was part of that war against us.  Her legacy of death to this Republic will live on.  Never forget her.  Never forget she cared not for us or our children.  She cared only for power.


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America’s Shame

Shame I say. I say Shame on us. Shame on our Congress and President Obama.

We have allowed ourselves to be enslaved by a political ruling class that bated us and appealed to our basest of character traits, Me, Myself and I. That’s right WE are the problem.

Judge Napolitano asked in a profound video, “What if the liberties enshrined in our Constitution have been transformed into a myth?…… What if our government transitioned effortless between rhetoric that referred to foreign enemies and to rhetoric that referred to policies at home? What if the government gave itself the power to treat you they same way it treats an enemy on a battle field? What if your elected representatives actually voted to declare the United States of America a battle field? What if that included your backyard? What if you woke up one day and soldiers where there because the President sent them? What if they came for you because of your political views?      Mourning in America

Our politicians have done just that and we are on the slippery slope to slavery for those very things happening. Did they plan this? The evidence is in the language of the law just passed in the House and Senate in the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012.

Congressman Tom McClintock spoke for those of us who stand for our Constitutional rights: “Cracking Freedom’s Foundation”

Did they plan this? YES, they planned this. Until America gets off the (D) and (R) self-identification syndrome this country will not be free again. WE are to blame for buying into the my team versus their team mentality that the politicians have propagated to keep themselves in power. YES, they DID plan this and WE the citizen did not use due diligence.

We’ve taken our freedom and liberty for granted and we thought that those we sent to Washington, state and local governments considered their oath of office the same as we have. We’ve been complacent. We’ve been tired caring for our family, working hard to make sure, they too, were good citizens who adhered to the laws of the land, were self-sufficient, and added to the quality of our society. They’ve taken advantage of us and we have let them.

Retired Admiral Hutson in an interview with the Huffington Post said: “I was dean in New Hampshire, where the motto is live free or die. The rest of that phrase, live free or die, is because there are things worse than death,” Hutson said. Sounds like Tea Party rhetoric doesn’t it? Watch out sir, you may just be considered an enemy and detained indefinitely.

I suggest you bookmark these pages. Print them out:

House vote:

Senate conference vote:

Take the names of those who voted for this bill. Find their pictures; print them out. Teach your children and grandchildren who they are and how their future liberty has been violated. Teach them the dangers that lie ahead. Teach them Hitler’s Germany. THEN, teach them the truth of our Founding Fathers’s and how they fought valiantly to make sure this did NOT happen to us and how the modern-day politician is anything but the men of valor, honor, and integrity our Founders were.

Teach them well my freedom loving friends. TEACH them tonight, tomorrow morning and every moment you can. Set up a plan to make sure they understand who they are and what our country once was. I highly recommend David Barton’s “American Heritage Series.”  “Constituting America” has a youth section for your children. Prepare them for higher education and colleges that do not take government funds and teach our Constitution as a document to be revered as does Hillsdale College. Use any and every means to reverse the trend of the freedom killing education they are receiving in public schools that has indoctrinated them to allow for this type of legislation. Teach them how to protect themselves from political hacks in slick suits, freshly whitened teeth and finely coiffed hair. Teach them to look beyond the image.

Image is a dangerous hologram hiding deadly motives. Your death not theirs.  In this author’s estimation, this is treasonous.



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True Hope Lies With We The People

Difficult to not notice the frustrations of the conservative voters over the Republican party’s refusal to fully utilize the gift handed to them in 2010. Not only have most of them shrugged off the 2010 results but have even gone so far as to presume this had something to do with their own efforts. This bewildering attitude from the party that gave us the moderate John McCain. Obviously, they didn’t, and still don’t, get it.

Even so, we didn’t let that decision, or their delusion, deter us from doing all we could to make certain the 2008 election did NOT “fundamentally change America”, and we can’t stop now.

It was with tenacity, hard work and good old American ingenuity, fueled by the dignity that comes with living in a free country, that we created a landslide victory in 2010 while the GOP and RNSC continued their tired message that we the uniformed were getting in the way. We didn’t understand the intricacies of our government, the Constitution was too far beyond our limited knowledge to understand. We should just shut up, get behind their moderate picks and live with it. They know what’s best, even though most wouldn’t know the Constitution from the Communist Manifesto.

Our knowledge of how far the Democrats’ and the Republicans’ have strayed from the law of this land and just how close they are in ideology was entirely evident in 2008. If we were going to give George Bush a break for spending like a Democrat, that thought was dashed with the ’08 election season. Not only did We the People recognize the folly going on but so did several world leaders. This stubborn refusal by the Republicans’ to behave like moral thinkers, worthy of the people who put them in office, is what we’re fighting. What does a GOP endorsement mean in these times? Business as usual.

So this election season, true to form, they stubbornly hand us Romney as the next crown prince to sit in the oval office. Ouch. Here we go again with the same-old, same-old. Some politicians never learn. Romney is behaving exactly like the died-in-the-wool politician that he is, he has his GOP handlers and will do as he is told. Other contenders will be ignored during debates and maligned by their own party. Again, business as usual from the gang’s that can’t shoot straight.

A little background on the latest chosen one;

Ugh! Romney Worked with John Holdren When Implementing Cap and Trade in Massachusetts | The Lonely C

While none of us will sit home if Romney becomes the candidate, we won’t sit back and let the GOP tell us he IS the only candidate. His background needs to be looked at the way obama’s should have been looked at in 2008. Why? Because the truth is, we are living with the man/child now because the powers that be did not vet and ignored the people who did and the facts they presented. We upstaged & exposed them, they don’t like it. Too bad, they own the egg on their faces and it doesn’t wipe off.

We are not going away, we will not take our marching orders from the entrenched establishment that gave us this mess, while we slept, and which is counter to the entire conservative movement that has awakened. We can’t give up now. That is what this administration and the old guard desire so they can get back to the golf course and continue business as usual.

Let the Republicans’ take credit for the Congressional, Gubernatorial and Senatorial wins of 2010 patting themselves on the back and shouting, look what we did!! It doesn’t matter, because we know they had little to do with it – with the exception of Jim DeMint who stood his ground and took the slings & arrows along with the people.

It was, and is, We the People. 2012 will be another landslide victory as long as we continue along the proven path, tuning out the left, the trolls, the media and the D.C. Spin-Meisters. Our power is in exercising our God-given rights not government dictated rights.

Remember 2010. Don’t allow the media and the old guard the delight of causing us to grow insecure and forget the progress we’ve made while functioning as citizens of a Republic. Remind everyone when they talk about Democracy in action – it’s not Democracy in action, it’s the people following the Constitution and exercising our freedoms under the Bill of Rights. It’s allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands.

The ruling class are scared out of their wits of a united, informed American people and a united American people is exactly what they’ve got. Let them know, they are stuck with us. Keep up the good work. Fight the good fight.

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Selfish or Self-Reliance

Today I read an article by Katie Kieffer in Townhall titled,  “Bringing Selfish Back”.    In her article, she looks at the words “fair” and “share,” touted by our politicians today.  She outlines the six steps in the Communist Manifesto. All aspects of that outline are alive and well in our nation today.    I like her statement:

My problem with socialism is that it takes the fun out of life. Many college professors won’t admit that by “sharing” all your private property with the state, you’d surrender your ability to freely choose. And when you can’t prefer one thing, person or activity to another, life becomes drudgery.

Not only does life become a drudgery, YOU no longer exist.  Your thoughts ARE personal property.  Your choices ARE personal property. Take choice away and personhood has been stolen from you by tyrants without hearts. Amazing isn’t it that progressives/socialists want choice for their pet agenda but never for true freedom.

I do not believe that my grandfather, who was a farmer, later to work in public administration, felt he was being selfish tilling the land, feeding his family, neighbors, and others who wanted to partake of HIS labor using a barter system of goods or money.   The American work ethic was based on doing well, succeeding, CHOOSING to share, as Katie articulates.    If we allow ourselves to be suppressed and oppressed into robotically producing anything of value, WE have devalued ourselves.

Pioneers who built this nation with the promise of owning land for the first time, bet on their expertise, knowledge and sacrificed to have that chance.  They wanted the chance to be independent of others without a heavy hand on their existence; the chance to be independent to make individual choices. Were there abuses? Yes. Human nature will always contain that struggle between evil and good.  

Yet, this nation was conceived with good intentions.  It was conceived by men with the idea of freedom and liberty.  That freedom allows us to be self-reliant.  To care for ourselves without being a burden to others is NOT selfish.  It is compassionate. With independent choice we can CHOOSE to “bear one another’s burden.”  The farmer who’s barn burned was blessed with neighbors who took a day to rebuild it. That was a choice!  To help the widow personally and individually, is a choice!    THAT is the free American spirit.  That is the America the Tea Party wants revived in this country. 

It is the freedom of choice to be compassionate that makes us better people, a better society.  Localized compassion knows when you are being used or someone is truly in need.  No government has that ability.  They are too far removed from the situation and reality.

We have many battles raging against that spirit.  We have battles raging against capitalism and free market of choice.

If tomorrow all of your free choices are completely removed, your choice where to live, how to travel, how to raise your children, what to eat, how much to eat, how much water and electricity you can use, and what to read is taken from you in an instant, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?   It is coming friends it is coming.  We’ve been as frogs in a pot getting hotter and hotter.   Will we be as our forefathers with the pioneer spirit; the free American spirit?   Some will.  It remains to be seen if the majority of Americans will rise to the occasion.

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