Fidel and Barack Paralleled by Cuban Immigrant

Raul E. Jimenez – Guest Author

Raul is an acquaintance on Facebook. He is a Cuban immigrant and has shared many concerns about our country and our current President. After viewing “2016: Obama’s America” he sees parallels between Fidel Castro and Barack Obama.  His words are published with permission. Please note the video of Jon Voight at the end, who agrees, in part with Raul.

Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, is a product of his family environment in Kenya, Honolulu, and Indonesia. Such is the conclusion one can glean from the movie 2016, which I saw in my local theater yesterday. Barack’s mother was, in Cuban slang, a “bollo loco,” a would-be hippie with intellectual capacity for loving, disruption, flowers, ideals, and marrying revolutionaries. She married Barack Senior in Kenya, gave birth to Barack Jr., then left Barack Senior when he turned out to be a noisy revolutionary with several women in tow. Barack’s father was a collectivist drunk, and yet his ex-wife continued to admire him and brainwash Barack Jr. on the greatness of his father.  This continued even after she remarried. Thus, were born Barack Jr.’s dreams from an absent father who hated British Colonials and Imperialists.

Barack Jr. learned left leanings while mentored by Frank Marshall Davis (at the urging of Barry’s grandfather, another communist) in Honolulu. Later in his life Barack Jr. states in the audio version of his book, “Dreams from My Father,” he looked for the company and advice from revolutionaries and communist terrorists of whom his father would have been proud, i.e. Ayers, Reverend Wright, and a communist revolutionary professor at Harvard, a Brazilian by the name of Unger.

The movie ties up nicely how a dysfunctional background twisted little Barack into adopting goals to destroy the USA as a Colonialist country. He came to believe the USA and England to be countries that owed the third world. In Barack’s mind, as much as in his father’s, western countries would exploit riches in the poor countries and take them home to build products they would in turn sell back to the poor. Barack’s real beliefs are that the USA and the West, as well as Israel, owe the third world and must pay for their sins. The thoughts are extended to individuals who, in Barack’s view of the world, are not entitled to the earnings from their products, since these were illegally and unfairly produced.

This all reminded me of Fidel Castro in Cuba, where I was born and lived when the Revolution took place around Christmas of ’58. I have often wondered what made Castro hate his countrymen to the point of ruining the island. The explanation, as in the case of Obama, can be found in his youth.  Castro is the bastard child of a Spanish-born Castro who owned a farm in Eastern Cuba. The old man married a younger, sexier woman, as Spaniards often did in the Caribbean. Social rejection ensued for the children as Cuban society wasn’t kind to children born out-of-wedlock. Castro became what in Cuba was known as an “acomplejado” (someone with some sort of emotional complex). Even as a bastard and, an ”acomplejado,” Fidel managed to get a good education (Jesuits in Santiago, and the University of Havana). He developed an impetuous attitude and a violent spirit against anybody who contradicted him (being the subject of bastard type jokes wasn’t easy). Contrary to Barack he got by through bullying and confrontation.

Barack grew up as a non-confrontational Black seeking help from the Whites he hated. Barack used racial subterfuges and his understanding that Americans felt guilty for slavery. Castro used overtly crooked political tactics while at the University and turned students and others against dictator Batista who was turned into a symbol of injustice and unfairness. Eventually, Castro succeeded by making everyone in Cuba believe that his Revolution would return the prosperous country and republic to democratic ways. He enjoyed support from the US State Department, the CIA, and drunken Hollywood personalities like Errol Flynn. The use of bombs, guerrilla tactics, and Molotov cocktails, demoralized Batista’s Army and they succumbed to the revolutionary assault. The result? Fidel Castro turned Cuba into a Fourth World country that lacks everything from oil to soap and food. The island gets oil for free from Venezuela’s dictator Chavez. Once in power, Fidel dreamt of destroying the United States.

Decades later, Barack Obama has used stealth tactics to easily travel an otherwise difficult road from total unknown (a man who never ran anything and hardly worked for a living) to US Senator and eventually President of the United States in just a couple of years. Fidel took several years of violent outbursts and guerrilla/urban warfare to get to his goal while Barack accomplished in it but a few. Once in power, Barack dreams of destroying the US Constitution and has usurped the means to do it.

As the movie 2016 clearly shows, Barack’s re-election in 2012 would result in the destruction of Israel and a much diminished USA by 2016. Collectivism would replace our American Republic. The dreams of Barack, adopted from his father, would replace our Founder’s American Dream.

Dinesh D’Souza, the movie maker and narrator, shared the same anti-colonialism environment Barack Obama suffered as a child and yet he became a productive, intellectual analyzer of politics and social conditions in a pro-American way. Dinesh’s family, I believe, shared a decency and concept of order that helped the young man to turn into a productive citizen of the United States. Castro and Obama share a similar dysfunctional cast of characters in their early lives and this turned them toward corrupt efforts and deceptive techniques to implement Marxist governments in their countries.

Luckily, in the USA, the effort is not yet complete. If we don’t vote this disastrous impostor out of the White House the USA will become another Cuba, an island today reduced to the disastrous consequences of communism. The movie’s conclusion is obvious: stop Obama from being elected in 2012 or face a defeated country in 2016.

Jon Voight agrees with Raul.


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One of our most well known Biblical stories is that of King Solomon’s judgement on the two women who both claimed to be the real mother of one child. The women lived in the same house and both had baby sons but one had accidentally suffocated her own son while sleeping and then switched the two boys claiming the living child was hers.

After hearing the women present their cases as to who was indeed the mother he applied a strategy to test a mother’s love by threatening to split the baby in half, offering one half to each woman. Upon hearing this terrible verdict, the boy’s true mother cried out, “Please, My Lord, give her the live child—do not kill him!” However, the false mother exclaimed, “It shall be neither mine nor yours—divide it!” It was at that moment that King Solomon was certain who the real mother was. The true mother’s instincts were to protect her child at any cost, even to giving up her son.

I and my fellow Patriots are equally as prepared to give the oval office to the “other” candidate rather than watch our beloved country be split in two and die. We don’t want two halves of a dead country – we want one whole and healthy country because we love her. The Pretenders’ to Patriotism will allow the country to be divided and will even go so far as to demand it be divided. These are not real Patriots.

If we apply this wise King’s wisdom to determine who the real Patriots are in this country we will have an easy task. Patriots will not take a pass on this November election nor will they write-in their personal choice.  The Patriots will show up at the polls and vote for the nominee – not our personal choice who has no chance of winning. We will do this to save the life of our country, to keep her whole.

What prevents the Pretenders’ from seeing the true picture is their willful insistence to ignore a reality that does not coincide with their will. Like the willful, jealous woman in King Solomon’s time they only pretend to be the real Patriots, they insist that it is better to split the country so no one wins and allow the country to die.  They will bring calamity upon themselves, the rest of the country and indeed the world without any regard to the end result.

Whatever it takes to save this Republic the true Patriots’ will do. Likewise, the Patriotic candidates will step aside and rally for the nominee. They will call on their supporters to do the same especially when it is apparent that without that unification they put their country, which they claim to love, in grave peril.

Let us hope that these citizens will, in the end, make the right decision, the Patriotic decision, the wise decision. In this way we will know who the real Patriots are and who are just pretenders who offer only a false claim.

Jewish interpretation

According to the Midrash, the two women were sisters-in-law, both of whom had borne sons, and whose husbands had died. The baby was actually the lying woman’s nephew. Therefore, when Solomon suggested that the infant be split in half, the lying woman, jealous of her nephew and sister-in-law, agreed. Thus was Solomon able to know who the real mother was.


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Free-Market Cat vs Socialist Cat

Odd title isn’t it. Remember that old phrase “cool cat?”  OK I’m showing my age. Our President IS a socialist cat and it’s not cool.

We’re helping a stray cat now.  She’s been here for about two weeks as we try to find the owner or a new home.  She’s earning her keep by taking care of the field mice and unfortunately some the birds we like to feed.  We think she believes it’s her job to keep the pests out.  She’d make a great companion or a ranch cat.  She’s loving, non-aggressive, and just wants security and love. She’s willing to work for her room and board.

The situation brings back memories of the two stray cats we adopted.  La Gata was in sad shape when she cried in pain at our doorstep.  Starving to death she looked as if she came from one of Hitler’s death camps.  We gave her milk and a little food.  She was so weak she could only drink or eat very little amounts, then rest.  The rule was she was not to come in the house. As weeks went by, she could go in the garage. YA right!  La Gata was looking different and we soon realized she was a he and was renamed Gato.  He lived for 16 years under the care of our family.  He recovered to be “the most beautiful cat” the groomers had ever seen. At the peak of his recovery he weighed 18 pounds.  We affectionately said he looked like Orson Wells.

As he assimilated to rules and gained more freedom in the house, he acted according to his feline instinct by marking his territory.  Straight for the wall he aimed.  I screamed and chased him out the slider to the back yard.  Gato was so traumatized he had made me angry, he quickly ran to the back fence, caught a bird, kept it in his mouth and mewed to bring it in as a gift to make amends.  I told him, “it’s a nice bird , but it’s not coming in the house.”  It’s as if he understood every word.  He quickly spit it out and cried for mercy.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  He stayed out for a while longer.  He was  a free market cat.  He needed something, went and got it on his own, and wanted to share with us in the only way he knew.  It was his bird, he worked for it, he earned it. Our second younger stray on the other hand showed her colors.

Shadow saw the bird-gift and promptly picked it up and took it around the side door of the garage and ceremoniously presented it at the kitchen door.  She was taking credit for something someone else had accomplished. She was the socialist cat. She hoped to gain from someone else’s work. Had something happened to us she may not have been able to survive on her own.  That is how it is with socialists.  They are not self-sufficient.  What’s the old saying — the best way to help a man is not to give him a fish but to teach him how to fish?

Shadow grew and matured and learned from Gato that taking care of herself was the better idea.  Gato’s affection toward Shadow taught her many things. He would care for her, defend her, and show her how things worked. Praise and gifts were more readily accepted if she won them herself.  Consequently, on several occasions she would whine outside the slider to come in, and lo-and-behold she would open her mouth and release a live butterfly.  It was something to see.  She did not hurt it, bat it or play with it, she just presented her live gift, earning her much praise.

It makes me wonder why our President was not taught to be self-sufficient and why it’s acceptable to take the fruit of other’s labor for himself and his friends. What lacked in his upbringing that makes him less of a man?

Simple, weak analogy, yes.  We don’t offer anyone a favor by simply handing them things.  A need that cannot be met because of circumstances must always be helped with generosity.

Our President says “work” should not be required of able-bodied persons collecting welfare from the citizens of this country who have worked to provide for their families.  He is what psychologists call an enabler, what political intellectuals call a socialist. He has never worked for a paycheck a day in his life or run a business.  He takes from others who have worked for it, gives it to himself and to his friends.  He buys friends with our money.  He is not one who learns. He’s the antithesis of a true American President. He is the antithesis of John F. Kennedy and the American work ethic. The new movie documentary by Gerald Molen, Oscar-winning producer of Schlinder’s list, gives a glimpse of why this man is what he is.  The movie “2016: Obama’s America” is playing now in theaters across the country.  Yesterday, it was the number one box office hit to the surprise of Hollywood.

He is the socialist cat. He’s one that doesn’t learn. He’s in the position of the Presidency because of the very people and country he hates. He has been given an opportunity. He is ungrateful. He’s a taker. He believes he’s entitled to what others have and he takes it without a blink of concern or shame. He is the socialist cat and it’s not “cool.”


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Pavlov's DogI expect informed reasonable responses from those who call themselves Republicans. I don’t find it amusing that the Democrats blow off their own lack of morality and the Republicans can’t figure out a way to use that to their own advantage.

Ivan Pavlov’s research discovered that dogs’ not only salivated at the sight and smell of food, but that the salivating reflex was a learned response not an automatic physiological process. Between the years 1997 and 2000, more than 220 articles appearing in scientific journals cited Pavlov’s early research on classical conditioning. Perhaps our Pavlov Republicans should read some of this research.

The dogs’ in Pavlov’s experiments quickly associated the scientists’ white lab coats with food. In a short time just the sight of a white lab coat produced the learned response.

Pavlov then tested the steady tick, tick of the  metronome followed up with food. It wasn’t long before the dogs began salivating at the neutral stimulus of the steady tick of the metronome provoking the conditioned response of salivation. The key point being that the response was conditioned, or learned. This type of behavioral psychology is what Cloward & Piven, Saul Alinsky and every Communist dictator has applied to manipulate human beings throughout history. It’s clear the Democrats learned these techniques well.

Our Pavlov Republicans’ have not only been well trained but have shown an amazing lack of cognitive abilities needed to defend themselves against it. They have become blinded with the need to be accepted by the opposition and the media until the very thought of that acceptance starts them salivating. I wonder if the Pavlov Republicans’ can change these learned responses in time to save the Republic. I wonder too if they still have the mental ability to even recognize that they behave like Pavlov’s dogs.

When the Democrats’ go into attack mode it’s like the tick, tick of the metronome which the conditioned GOP instantly react to. Let one sensible conservative voice speak out and the GOP loyals will race down the halls and head for the waiting microphones. “Glory be!! a social conservative has spoken”. “Please forgive us for not tackling this person to the ground before they could open their mouth”, (conditioned response). “They do not speak for our Party” then begins the salivating in anticipation of being re-accepted.

If the Pavlov Republicans’ could recognize their conditioned responses then the Democrats would have to live with their usual buffoonish statements and be forced to defend their failed policies. But no, can’t have that. The Pavlov Republicans’ will save the opposition from themselves every time. Many of these Pavlov-trained enablers are on committees overseeing our military. Need I say more on that subject?

Heaven help the conservative Republicans from the guilt laden, finger-wagging GOP. How many conservative members have felt the sting of the Pavlov Republicans once they see those white lab coats? How can we trust in leaders who only react according to their conditioning?

That dogs can be conditioned/trained in such a way is not shocking however, that men and women in control of government seem to be conditioned in this way is shocking and sad.  At the very least the dogs’ in Pavlov’s experiments received a satisfying result  from their conditioning, which is why it worked so well. So, it would seem that the GOP is satisfied with the results of their conditioning.  Acceptance by the liberal elite and their media complex is the most satisfying treat in the world for this group of Republicans.

It doesn’t matter that these actions leave all thinking Americans with a bad taste in their mouths.  To recognize that reality they would have to be smarter than the family dog and so far the Pavlov Republicans have not shown any indication that they are mentally superior in that area.

If our Republic stands a chance to return to our founding principles we simply cannot have our government filled with Pavlov’s dogs with an (R) after their name. Vote and vote wisely. Discern. Live free, think free and behave free. It’s we free thinking Americans who built this country and it’s the same free thinking Americans who will keep her. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address says it beautifully. This is OUR country and our government.

The Gettysburg Address:

Our Republic needs a re-founding. We are, at this moment, living through a turning point in America’s history. We are the people future historians will write about, the people our descendants will read about. What story will the historians document? Our victory over tyranny, as our forefathers’ secured, or tyranny victorious over freedom?



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Dear Sunshine Patriots,

It is with a sad heart that I find myself feeling as discouraged today as I did in 2008. The rapidity with which so many Americans have turned on Todd Akin is proof that too many in this country are still seeking anyone who will lift the burden of maintaining this Republic off their personal shoulders.

Is it right that the Republican party came out against this man with a passion that should have been reserved for the Democrat party? What is it that Todd Akin said that was so “offensive”? Was it the part that spoke to the sanctity of life? Perhaps it was his inability to calculate his words so as not to “offend” the party and the suddenly high minded patriots. Have the patriots lost their way? It sure looks like it to me.

The airwaves are awash in Todd Akin stories, again, today as are the social sites. Almost every leader in the Republican party has put on their moderate, big tent hats and taken a seat on the talking heads platforms across America to show the world who can put their tail between their legs the fastest. Oh, whoopi “R’s” you win!!

I’m disgusted with all of them and mostly disgusted with the so-called patriots.  Is anyone going to question the validity of this nasty campaign against Todd Akin?  There are only two people who handled this with a modicum of civility and that was Palin & Limbaugh. At least they spoke in respectful terms making their points without shouting holier-than-thou demands at the man.

I’m listening to and reading the words of those who claim conservatism as their mantle. I don’t hear many conservative voices. What I hear is fear and timidity and an almost feverish desire to wave the white flag – Oh, bad, bad conservative!!  Those emotions are not what brought sweeping change in 2010 – the change of 2010 was born of our fearlessness and a total unwillingness to accept the talking points of any party.

The patriots took the reins, shook off the shackles of party and grabbed control of their rightful position in this Republic. Sadly, that is not happening today. Today the Sunshine Patriots seem tired of fighting and are simply all too willing to hand power back to the very people that have used that power against us again and again.

So, when we all go to the polls this November to cast our vote for Romney, not the favored candidate, just remember; Romney was selected by the same people who are right now slamming Todd Akin.  The Republican establishment did not support the TP favorite, Sarah Steelman, they got Todd Akin, now they don’t even have the strength of their own convictions to defend him. The old-guard are again running the slip-shod show and everyone who has joined their little Todd Akin bashing party is not only enabling them but handing your own God-given autonomy over to those who have repeatedly offended America. The same party who has openly disparaged the people. Are your memories so short? Will you remain Sunshine Patriots?

I leave you with these words from Thomas Jefferson:

When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”


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A Helping Hand? Can You Help?

The economy is one of the worst of our generation.  Most of us know of hurting individuals or families.

Yesterday, I was given heartbreaking news from another friend.  Two years ago they lost their business due to the poor economy. Her 65-year-old husband found other work at a smaller wage and he is limited by ruptured discs that the Veterans administration refuses to repair. Last year their son lost their first grandchild hours after birth. They are still working through the grief.  THEN, on Friday a knock came on their door. It was the Sheriff’s office.  They were presented with papers they had NO idea was coming.  No prior notification, or warning.  Bank of America placed their home on the auction block and they were now without a home and someone else is now the new owner. Bank of America seemed to be working with them. They were making lowered payments and adding more as they could. They were scraping by paying for utilities and, believe it or not, only $200 a month for food. The roof over their head was the most important for their 18-year-old autistic daughter. They are now soon to be homeless. They’ve contacted all agencies to no avail at this time.

As a believer in the Bible I take seriously that we are to be self-sufficient if possible, help others who aren’t, and others who are temporarily in a tough time. The Thomas family has always lived by the same standard. Now they are the hurting ones. I believe this is a time to consider:

Galatians 6:2 (ASV)  Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.   The Lord himself spoke of those who act unjustly toward someone in scathing words:     Luke 11:46 (NASB77)  But He said, “Woe to you lawyers as well! For you weigh men down with burdens hard to bear, while you yourselves will not even touch the burdens with one of your fingers.

They need our help.  I pray none of those reading this are ever in their circumstances.  The Thomas family has a strong faith in the Lord. Their faith and our prayers is all that is seeing them through now. They have asked for nothing. They have always been self-sufficient; the ones helping others. However, I asked their permission to ask you for help.  They have no family of means or location to help.

Can you help them? Will you help them?  At least they can pack and store their personal belongs until they can find affordable, safe housing.  I’m not asking for much, just a little. If this circulates to good caring people, we may just help to create a mini-miracle.  Please pray about it and, if possible, use a special created PayPal link using your credit card or PayPal account to help bear their burden.  With much appreciation and prayer for blessings upon you.

THOMAS FAMILY HELP FUND          (Funds collected by Christian America Coast to Coast)

Blessing to all who can help.  If it’s impossible to financially help, please pray.



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Since the formal announcement on August 11, 2012 of Mitt Romney’s choice for VP, Paul Ryan, the I, Me & Myself crowd has been out in full, uncontrollable force. Unable to control their self-importance they have come out into, what I see as, three classifications;

  1. The clearly left leaning socialist worshipers (wanting only to do what they do best, mock),
  2. The self-professed Christians (who are practicing cafeteria faith),
  3. The heretofore rational thinkers (who are rational until they can’t be rational anymore).

The first group is no surprise, in terms of their rhetoric, however the force with which they hit the social sites as soon as Paul Ryan’s name was confirmed was entirely, uncontrollably, chaotic even for these terminal blatherers.

The second group have discarded the most important tenant of faith by insisting that their understanding is superior to God’s grasp of any given situation.  As a Christian myself I know this is something that must be resisted daily if we are to truly put our trust in God. Only practicing that part of our faith will enable us to experience the manifestation of peace in our hearts.

The third group has blown their cover of rationality by throwing rationale out the window with their inability to remain rational when facing challenges to their own preconceived conclusions.

All these groups have taken to the social sites to espouse how unnerved they are not only with the Ryan choice, by a candidate they’re not fond of to begin with, but with the fact that their favorite candidate is now hopelessly off their wish list. For the Sunshine Patriots the Republican Convention is not going to be their “I told you so” moment when their candidate of choice becomes the nominee defying all odds.  For the progressives’ it’s clear their false god is not easily sailing into a second term.

Well, too bad and so sad, for all three groups, but facts are facts and none of these groups has shown even the slightest comprehension of reality vs wishful thinking.  The simple explanation for this is their inability to get out of their own way. This is expected from the left but certainly not from those who profess they are Christians, even in the face of adversity, or those who profess a willingness to embrace rational thought no matter the events.

The sorry state of these people would be of little concern but for the importance of this election season. When I read comments that show an inability or unwillingness to put the country before I, Me & Myself then I cringe at the knowledge that this oversimplified thought, the self-centeredness, the immaturity that gave us Obama to begin with is still alive and thriving.

Regardless of the facts, regardless of the hardships, regardless of the enemy at the gate, these people are still hopelessly ensnared in the worship of I, Me & Myself. Will those who call themselves Christians begin to practice what they preach?  Will those who practiced rational thought come back to their senses?

Unless the second and third groups do regain a semblance of self-control, rather than self-absorption, they will be the reason we will either lose this election to the enemy or it will be so close the outcome will be delayed and fraud will gain a foothold on the election results. We will witness civil unrest & lawlessness.  What a shame if the very things we have warned each other about do occur because of these infantile reactions.

Holding onto one’s self-centered set of principals and childish misery because of the choices we have ignores the big picture and it’s suicide. Those who refuse to vote for the Republican nominee out of their sense of moral superiority are condoning abortion, treason, communism, freedom to worship and the entire Bill of Rights. Never mind the destruction of our laws, as in the U.S. Constitution, along with abandoning our brave military men and women. This is neither rational nor Christian.

This is what sowing the seeds of I, Me & Myself  will yield for the self-worshipers. Unfortunately, the rest of America will also have to reap what they sow. I have no illusions that the first group are not worth giving much thought to but, the second & third groups do have hope providing they can get out of their own way in time for the all important November 2012 elections. This is the election of a lifetime and, yes, it’s more important than our petty preoccupations and self-serving human natures.

I’d like to add the link to an audio of Mark Levin who is much better at articulating the seriousness of this election and the utter futility of fighting the facts. We either continue our involvement as citizens of this Republic, with the tools we have, or we give up and hand it over to those who desire only her demise.



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