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A Helping Hand? Can You Help?

The economy is one of the worst of our generation.  Most of us know of hurting individuals or families.

Yesterday, I was given heartbreaking news from another friend.  Two years ago they lost their business due to the poor economy. Her 65-year-old husband found other work at a smaller wage and he is limited by ruptured discs that the Veterans administration refuses to repair. Last year their son lost their first grandchild hours after birth. They are still working through the grief.  THEN, on Friday a knock came on their door. It was the Sheriff’s office.  They were presented with papers they had NO idea was coming.  No prior notification, or warning.  Bank of America placed their home on the auction block and they were now without a home and someone else is now the new owner. Bank of America seemed to be working with them. They were making lowered payments and adding more as they could. They were scraping by paying for utilities and, believe it or not, only $200 a month for food. The roof over their head was the most important for their 18-year-old autistic daughter. They are now soon to be homeless. They’ve contacted all agencies to no avail at this time.

As a believer in the Bible I take seriously that we are to be self-sufficient if possible, help others who aren’t, and others who are temporarily in a tough time. The Thomas family has always lived by the same standard. Now they are the hurting ones. I believe this is a time to consider:

Galatians 6:2 (ASV)  Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.   The Lord himself spoke of those who act unjustly toward someone in scathing words:     Luke 11:46 (NASB77)  But He said, “Woe to you lawyers as well! For you weigh men down with burdens hard to bear, while you yourselves will not even touch the burdens with one of your fingers.

They need our help.  I pray none of those reading this are ever in their circumstances.  The Thomas family has a strong faith in the Lord. Their faith and our prayers is all that is seeing them through now. They have asked for nothing. They have always been self-sufficient; the ones helping others. However, I asked their permission to ask you for help.  They have no family of means or location to help.

Can you help them? Will you help them?  At least they can pack and store their personal belongs until they can find affordable, safe housing.  I’m not asking for much, just a little. If this circulates to good caring people, we may just help to create a mini-miracle.  Please pray about it and, if possible, use a special created PayPal link using your credit card or PayPal account to help bear their burden.  With much appreciation and prayer for blessings upon you.

THOMAS FAMILY HELP FUND          (Funds collected by Christian America Coast to Coast)

Blessing to all who can help.  If it’s impossible to financially help, please pray.




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