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Donnelly Bus

For the first time since Reagan we Californians have the incredible opportunity to place a constitutionally directed, freedom respecting candidate, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, in the Governor’s seat of our beautiful State of California.

DO NOT allow this opportunity to be lost because you don’t believe you need to contribute dollars and personal support to his campaign.  Tim Donnelly has served, since December 2012, as a member of the California State Assembly in the 33rd District and knows first-hand the devastating effects of liberal governance. You can review his work To-Stop-the-Downward-Trend by viewing his bills and voting record here,

If you are truly concerned about the direction our State has been on under Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown then you must do everything you can to get Tim Donnelly elected and into the Governor’s office. The Primaries are June 3, 2014. We have one more month to secure Tim’s nomination – There is NO time to dilly-dally.

Does anyone really want a 4th term of Jerry Brown? A 4th term!! Does anyone reading this really want a RINO, supported by the Old Guard GOP, to be Governor? Read about the latest GOP RINO offering here; Neel Who? and here; GOP Hopeful

We have an option this time, an opportunity to end the regressive social, environmental and economic policies of the Democrats under Jerry Brown who picked up where the weak-willed Arnold Schwarzenegger left off AND we can vote in a Constitution respecting, free-market advocate who believes in liberty and will unbridle the opportunities that this Golden State has in great abundance.

Patriot not Politician is NOT just a campaign slogan – It is an affirmation.  I’m not asking my fellow California citizens to contribute dollars and support – I’m telling you to offer dollars and support or forever hold your complaints to yourselves. Good candidates need support from good people.

If you don’t intend to financially & personally support a great candidate then stop your whining and complaining on Facebook & Twitter and to your neighbors and friends. Go home and kindly padlock yourselves inside. Allow those of us who are working to make a profound and successful difference have the time and space you are currently wasting. California Dreamin’ is for dreamers with a strong California to dream in, we need a reality check because right now an awful lot of people are only dreamin’ about getting out of here instead of dreamin’ about what they can accomplish here.

I will expect those of you who refuse to add one smidgen of support toward a positive solution to practice the following;

  • Smile broadly when taxes & fees are raised on everything from shoes to cell phones & cable TV,
  • Sing hallelujah at the top of your lungs as gasoline prices continue to soar,
  • Dance the jig when property taxes go up (this will affect renters too),
  • Worship at the altar of CARB as they shut down the trucking industry in California,
  • Party hearty with the EPA when you can’t find local produce due to Jerry Brown and his fellow Dems shutting off the water to our valley farmers,
  • Warble like a song bird as unemployment figures go through the roof due to all the above and more,
  • Croon at the font of diversity when your children are subjected to all sorts of perversions in their school class rooms and bathrooms!!

This State may not see another decent individual who would even attempt a run at the Governor’s seat for many years or most likely decades. Fact is, we in California don’t have years, much less decades, to turn our State around. Get on board with the solution – His name is Tim Donnelly and he is a Patriot not a Politician. Got it? Good. Now show your support. Together we CAN do this.

Donate Here

Twitter Link:  http://wp.me/p1LcmF-ma




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Neel Who?

Neel Kashkari

Neel Kashkari

The California GOP players, who do not intend to relinquish the reins of control, have evidently set their sights on a candidate to run against Jerry Brown in this year’s Gubernatorial race. We do have a Republican conservative candidate, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, but the GOP in their insatiable desire to control the outcome of all things have other ideas.

The CA GOP’s choice is Neel  Kashkari a tried and true good ol’ boy/Republican-in-Name-Only. This will stir the waters for conservatives who firmly support Tim Donnelly in the run for Governor of CA. And this is exactly a part of the GOP’s plan to slay conservatism in 2014. We’ve been through this before but this year the GOP is firmly on the warpath to stop all conservative, i.e., Tea Party candidates.

When I heard Neel Kashkari’s name floated as a possible Gubernatorial candidate I decided to do some research for my own information. However, finding information on Kashkari has been pretty much an exercise in repetition that doesn’t go back much further than 2006. It seems only what is meant to be known is known.

In 2006 he joined the Treasury Department  as Senior Advisor to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. Prior to that position he was Vice President at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in San Francisco. Two years later in 2008 he was chosen to steer the $700 billion bailout. However, information is scant save his resume, some glowing reports from those who worked with him or knew him and his work with Henry Paulson and G.W. Bush.  All I have been able to find are some previous articles by writers, with better connections than I, that have faced the same situation that still exists in 2014 – there’s not a lot of there, there.

In 2008 OpEd writer & Huffington Post contributor, Rob Kall, stated “Frankly, it almost seems as though the web has been scrubbed of all background on this man of the hour.”  Huffington Post

Also in 2008, Hamilton Nolan at Gawker said much the same thing. “The whole entire media is scrambling to come up with enough background on the guy to fill up a feature story, and it is rough going.”  Gawker

Recently  the L.A. Times ran a piece on Kashkari’s announcement of his intention to consider running for CA Governor calling himself “a different kind of Republican”. He supports abortion rights, same-sex marriage and amnesty which he calls a path to legalization. His advisory team consists of the same people who advised Mitt Romney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sounds like the same ol’, same ol’ and it’s beyond tiring now.  L.A. Times

The below video link is Kashkari dodging direct questions from Rep Manzullo regarding the 3 million dollar bonuses given to AIG executives after the tax payer funded bailout. Kashkari is well versed in dodging and has the composure of an insider who knows the hearing is all for show. The fix was in. YouTube Video


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Acceptable Casualties – Thank you Michelle Malkin

Thank you Michelle Malkin!!!

Yesterday Ms Malkin wrote an article titled “The High Priest of Eco-Destruction.” Ken Salazar is just that. As a member of a group that attended the “Save Rural America” event in October, I was VERY pleased to see her mention the fight that Yreka, CA residents where fighting against the Goliath government department that Ken Salazar heads. One small mistake, she said Siskiyou County was in Oregon. It is at the Oregon border but is the further most county of California. That aside she was spot on.

Ms Malkin is the first nationally recognized name that has addressed this subject and the injustice raging in the Klamath River basin. THANK YOU! Fox News wrote the most unbalanced articles on this situation, and no national name, Levin, Hannity, Breitbart, or Beck have addressed it. (See the references below on the Fox News article.)

Secretary Salazar wants to remove four perfectly working hydro-electric dams. WAIT! Aren’t hydro-electric dams considered “green energy?” Isn’t that one of the lowest carbon footprint industries for power? YES, but money and land is to be had through nefarious means and George Soros is waiting with his hand out.

In the world view of our government it believes that the citizens of such actions taken by our regulatory bodies are “acceptable casualities.” Plants, fish, birds, lizards and any other living organism or creature are always placed above the needs, security, health or rights of individual human beings. We are the last on their list to be considered “sustainable” or valuable enough to save. Their actions turn our Constitution upside down. It is ungodly, period. No where in Biblical scripture will you find that man is to serve the earth. The earth serves mankind. Good stewards of the earth yes, but not subservient to it.

When the Condit dam was removed in the state of Washington a few months ago, in the guise to help fish, the greenies shouted in praise to environmental gods. Pictures of the river since that implosion show the devastation, not only to the river but to adjacent private property. Again, “acceptable casualties” for eco-destructionists as Ms Malkin calls them. I call them eco-terrorists and worshippers of a false religion known as Gaia. For those unfamiliar with that term it is earth worship.

Take a look at this photo and tell me, is THIS acceptable to you? If this was your property would you consider devastation acceptable for a fish that may never swim the ruined river again?

Collateral Damage from Condit Dam Removal

Eco-Destruction is right Ms Malkin but its more than that. It is destruction of the human spirit when we can no longer trust our government to protect our homes, lives, safety, and security. Let’s call it what it is EVIL.

For more blogs concerning this subject please see:

The Real McCoys
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Sheriffs Stand Tall for Constitution

Sheriff Jon Lopey

Sheriff’s Stand Tall for the Constitution

A bright, shining moment in Siskiyou County on Oct 22, 2011.

In our earlier visits to the Defend Rural America series, we looked at The Real McCoys, Fox News Fails Siskiyou Farmers and Soros, Buffet vs Farmers in order to communicate the battle these citizens are facing.   This is no small matter.  This is not localized.  This will happen across our nation.

However, this is the test area.  If they can accomplish the ravishing of property rights in Siskiyou County, they will have formed their playbook to move to your area.

Barry Clausen states in his investigative article “Is Government Creating Violence?” November 12, 2011:

“Siskiyou County, Sheriff Lopey was incensed when he discovered that Federal Agents traveled to his county and were investigating farmers and ranchers within his jurisdiction without first notifying him of their intentions. One of the issues is the incident that happened on August 29, 2011 when NOAA Federal Agent Tim Broadman went to home of Doug and Gail Jenner to question/investigate them without properly notifying Sheriff Lopey in advance of their visit.”

“In an effort to bring the issue to the forefront, eight Constitutional Sheriffs met in Yreka, California on October 22, 2011. They participate in a panel sponsored by the “Scott Valley Protect Our Water organization” which is designed to expose the agencies that are creating the anger. In attendance were: Grant Co. Oregon Sheriff Glenn E. Palmer, Trinity Co. Sheriff Bruce Haney, Del Norte Co. Sheriff Dean Wilson, Tehama Co. Sheriff Dave Hencratt, Lassen Co. Sheriff Dean Growden, Plumas Co. Sheriff Greg Hagwood, Shasta Co. Sheriff Tom Bosenko and Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey who also spoke at the Defend Rural America event.”  (a must see video)

Sheriff Lopey Video:

The federal government did not count on the citizens or a group of “Constitutional Sheriffs” banding together to protect the rights of WE THE PEOPLE. Most of us are unaware of the LAW of coordination. Federal agencies are to coordinate with local law enforcement for any action within a local jurisdiction.  They have not always abided by that law.

These are men of the highest caliber; men we have not seen in a very long time or not unaware of.  A short video gives you a sense of the their concern:

The full length version of the Sheriff’s panel highlights what they are battling: Sheriff’s Stand Tall:

This is encouraging, and it gets even better.  Retired Sheriff Richard Mack, previously of Arizona, has formed the County Sheriff Project.  He is reaching out to county sheriff’s across this nation. Men and women of the same quality we’ve viewed above, will be gathering.  He states:

“In Las Vegas nearly 10% of America’s county sheriffs will walk away with the constitutional training and first hand knowledge of fellow sheriffs’ success stories in upholding their oaths of office. These constitutional sheriffs will establish a Declaration reaffirming their Oaths and enumerating the federal government violations that will no longer be tolerated.”

They need your help.  Sheriff Mack hopes to have 200 attend and we would like to make sure that they can, without taking funds from their personal funds.  WE can help.  The County Sheriff Project would like to raise $200,000 to bring the sheriffs to the convention.  I don’t know about you but I can give up a burger or two to get this done.

Please help yourself by helping them.  Let’s make this a blowout success. Please donate at: County Sheriff Project 

Let’s give those who Stand Tall with us the help and support they need.

If you to contact Sheriff Mack for a speaking engagement,  contact him via the link above.


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The Real McCoys

The REAL McCoys

On the weekend of October 22-23, I and a friend had an extraordinary experience of attending Defend Rural America in Yreka, CA.    The event attracted over one thousand concerned citizens.  Defend rural America from what?   Unfortunately, it is our federal and state governments.   Under the guise of protecting salmon, the Department of Fish and Game, EPA, Interior Department, and other regulatory bodies have decided that the remedy to a manufactured crisis, is to remove four strategic dams.  One in South Oregon and three in Northern California.   

The devastation to land owners will be immeasurable.  Flash flooding, the poisoning of private wells, and the lack of stored water will do untold harm to the region. Property values have plummeted as much as 50%; far more than other areas of our country. Unless, of course, you are you are sell-out to the Nature Conservancy, then your land is worth obscene millions.  Land that can never be lived on again as private property.  

We wanted to know what the people are dealing with.  Enter a unique opportunity.

Those traveling with the bus tour from the San Francisco bay area, could choose to stay with a family or stay at a hotel.   We chose to stay with a family. We wanted up close and personal stories concerning the issue and the impact on them.  The highlight of our stay was to meet two remarkable people, Mason and Sally McCoy.  We met for the first time at dinner provided by the Siskiyou County Water Users Association.

Mason was a hard-rock miner in years past.  They lived in an old cabin.  The children were bathed in tin tubs.  You know, the ones used to hold iced drinks at a BBQ party.  Sally raised the children and kept the home fires burning.  Mason’s mother used to say to him, “you’re a pioneer without a frontier.”  We all laughed as we shared breakfast. We discussed that much of the land the government plans to place in jeopardy feeds this nation in one way or another. Most city dwellers have no idea how to plant a seed or harvest food for their families. When rough times come they won’t have a clue. In his understated way, and a smile on his lips Mason said, “you can’t plant seed in cement.”  

He and Sally have been married for over forty-five years. They now live in Yreka, CA in a comfortable, renovated, three bedroom home. Vegetables are grown in the backyard and family reunions are held in the front with long tables to accommodate the loving family.  For most of his life Mason drove a truck, thus his book:

“The Assault on Liberty – Rambling Thoughts of a Roads Scholar.”

They are the hard-working, self-sufficient, patriotic people.  They ask for nothing but the freedom and liberty that our Founding Fathers’ fought so diligently to give their descendants. They want the government to get off their backs, release the death grip on water, energy, private property, and freedom to travel on our country roads.  

They are not on the dole asking the government to care for them.  They voluntarily care for their neighbor who was severely injured by Agent Orange.  OH yes, the same government that rejected her disability now wants her to pay through the nose just to have water and electricity.  

These are true Americans watching their government takeover private property, violating their neighbors 4th amendment Constitutional rights by entering private property without permission or warrants, placing equipment on private property and fining them $25,000 per fingerings that may have died for one reason or another in a stream that passes through their property.  IT IS A LAND GRAB. It is NOT eminent domain.  It is financially ruining the property owners with the goal to confiscate their land.

Sally and Mason’s power rates have risen two cents a kilowatt.  Pacific Power now owned indirectly by Warren Buffet admits they are raising the rates in anticipation of the dams being removed.   

The city has lost business after business.  The unemployment rate is 30%. Services once available, are no longer there. This is a travesty!   These are the type of people who have built this nation.  They have built it, paid for it, prayed for it, bled for it, and yes some in that town have family members who died for this country.  NOW THAT VERY GOVERNMENT TURNS ON THEM.  

Those in Washington D.C., living thousands of miles away, advocating and implementing these changes, count on rural America to feed their families. Yet they side with the radical environmentalists. The fact is, our taxpayer dollars are given to the extreme environmental groups used to sue the very people who provide for this nation.

The government sees them as something with no value. Citizens like Sally, Mason, you and me are throw away people.  Remember that little fish you caught and threw it back in the stream or lake to grow?  WELL, they are throwing them away.  They do not want these citizens to grow and thrive. Our government is throwing them away to die.  They are expendable. Speak out America.   These people in Siskiyou County, CA are all of us.

NOTE:   An admonition to those who would oppress these and other good people.  Scripture is clear that God does NOT take kindly to these actions.  Proverbs 22: 22-23 clearing states:   “Do not rob the poor because he is poor; nor oppress the afflicted at the gate; for the Lord will plead their cause, and plunder the soul of those who plunder them”


This is one part of a series.  The subject is so extensive that one or two articles cannot even begin to touch the surface of this Pandora’s box of modern-day Robber Barons called regulatory agencies and government entities influenced not by conservationists but radical, assaulting environmentalists.

Part 2 coming  “Fox News Fails Farmers”



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Antelope Valley, CA Private Property Confiscation – U.N. Agenda 21

As in my previous blog, “Most Crucial Battle Since our Founding Fathers,”  we told you of plans being made in our cities, counties, states, and the nation to implement U.N. Agenda 21.   The Plans are very disturbing.   Yesterday for the first time I saw a video of U.N. Agenda 21 actually being implemented in Antelope Valley, California.  SHOCKING doesn’t begin to describe what the video exposed.  The poor residents of that area are literally having their private property taken from them.  They have been hounded by the county of Los Angeles under the auspicious of improving the land.  One family has lived in the same area for 22 years.  They are now told to destroy their homes and move.  They can own the land but they cannot live on it.  These are people with little or nothing in financial means to fight big government intrusion and control over their individual lives. Near the end of the video one resident says, “I believe it is more control. If they have you living in one area, they can control you better.”   I dare say this man probably has never heard of U.N. Agenda 21.  He lives in a desolate area. He is pastor of the church where the movie “Kill Bill” was filmed.

Take ten minutes of your time to watch the video to the end.  The last statements by the woman about the “general plan and area plan” are U.N. Agenda 21. She uses the phrase “common vision.”  This is a key phrase used by those using the Delphi technique in their regional meetings to obtain the conclusions they want to present to city, county, and state leaders.  Every survey question asked leads to the conclusion they want.  This technique has been used in the One Bay Area movement in the San Francisco bay area.   When any citizens challenged the choices of the survey during the meetings, the moderators became very disturbed that the survey was being questioned.  Some participants who questioned the survey were actually shouted down by the meeting leader and those working with them to control the conversation at each table. This is a well-planned agenda and it is stacked against the citizens who have built this nation.

Sadly enough, Mike Antonovich, Los Angeles County Board of Superivsor, started the ball rolling on this project.  Ask yourself  Who, What, Where, When, Why.   Trust me folks!  They are implementing this across the nation.

Santa Cruz, CA was one of the first areas to begin red-lining private properties.  Court cases have arisen because of the regulations placed on properties with different affects on each property.  One victory has been accomplished by a resident who had the means to fight in court and won a substantial judgment against the county.   To see the video please see Freedom AdvocatesWE MUST FIGHT THIS.

Freedom loving citizens, pray!  We are fighting to retain what our Founding Fathers fought to give us, OUR VERY FREEDOMS.  This is EVIL.  Let’s call it what it is. EVIL.


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