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Donnelly Bus

For the first time since Reagan we Californians have the incredible opportunity to place a constitutionally directed, freedom respecting candidate, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, in the Governor’s seat of our beautiful State of California.

DO NOT allow this opportunity to be lost because you don’t believe you need to contribute dollars and personal support to his campaign.  Tim Donnelly has served, since December 2012, as a member of the California State Assembly in the 33rd District and knows first-hand the devastating effects of liberal governance. You can review his work To-Stop-the-Downward-Trend by viewing his bills and voting record here,

If you are truly concerned about the direction our State has been on under Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown then you must do everything you can to get Tim Donnelly elected and into the Governor’s office. The Primaries are June 3, 2014. We have one more month to secure Tim’s nomination – There is NO time to dilly-dally.

Does anyone really want a 4th term of Jerry Brown? A 4th term!! Does anyone reading this really want a RINO, supported by the Old Guard GOP, to be Governor? Read about the latest GOP RINO offering here; Neel Who? and here; GOP Hopeful

We have an option this time, an opportunity to end the regressive social, environmental and economic policies of the Democrats under Jerry Brown who picked up where the weak-willed Arnold Schwarzenegger left off AND we can vote in a Constitution respecting, free-market advocate who believes in liberty and will unbridle the opportunities that this Golden State has in great abundance.

Patriot not Politician is NOT just a campaign slogan – It is an affirmation.  I’m not asking my fellow California citizens to contribute dollars and support – I’m telling you to offer dollars and support or forever hold your complaints to yourselves. Good candidates need support from good people.

If you don’t intend to financially & personally support a great candidate then stop your whining and complaining on Facebook & Twitter and to your neighbors and friends. Go home and kindly padlock yourselves inside. Allow those of us who are working to make a profound and successful difference have the time and space you are currently wasting. California Dreamin’ is for dreamers with a strong California to dream in, we need a reality check because right now an awful lot of people are only dreamin’ about getting out of here instead of dreamin’ about what they can accomplish here.

I will expect those of you who refuse to add one smidgen of support toward a positive solution to practice the following;

  • Smile broadly when taxes & fees are raised on everything from shoes to cell phones & cable TV,
  • Sing hallelujah at the top of your lungs as gasoline prices continue to soar,
  • Dance the jig when property taxes go up (this will affect renters too),
  • Worship at the altar of CARB as they shut down the trucking industry in California,
  • Party hearty with the EPA when you can’t find local produce due to Jerry Brown and his fellow Dems shutting off the water to our valley farmers,
  • Warble like a song bird as unemployment figures go through the roof due to all the above and more,
  • Croon at the font of diversity when your children are subjected to all sorts of perversions in their school class rooms and bathrooms!!

This State may not see another decent individual who would even attempt a run at the Governor’s seat for many years or most likely decades. Fact is, we in California don’t have years, much less decades, to turn our State around. Get on board with the solution – His name is Tim Donnelly and he is a Patriot not a Politician. Got it? Good. Now show your support. Together we CAN do this.

Donate Here

Twitter Link:  http://wp.me/p1LcmF-ma




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Neel Who?

Neel Kashkari

Neel Kashkari

The California GOP players, who do not intend to relinquish the reins of control, have evidently set their sights on a candidate to run against Jerry Brown in this year’s Gubernatorial race. We do have a Republican conservative candidate, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, but the GOP in their insatiable desire to control the outcome of all things have other ideas.

The CA GOP’s choice is Neel  Kashkari a tried and true good ol’ boy/Republican-in-Name-Only. This will stir the waters for conservatives who firmly support Tim Donnelly in the run for Governor of CA. And this is exactly a part of the GOP’s plan to slay conservatism in 2014. We’ve been through this before but this year the GOP is firmly on the warpath to stop all conservative, i.e., Tea Party candidates.

When I heard Neel Kashkari’s name floated as a possible Gubernatorial candidate I decided to do some research for my own information. However, finding information on Kashkari has been pretty much an exercise in repetition that doesn’t go back much further than 2006. It seems only what is meant to be known is known.

In 2006 he joined the Treasury Department  as Senior Advisor to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. Prior to that position he was Vice President at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in San Francisco. Two years later in 2008 he was chosen to steer the $700 billion bailout. However, information is scant save his resume, some glowing reports from those who worked with him or knew him and his work with Henry Paulson and G.W. Bush.  All I have been able to find are some previous articles by writers, with better connections than I, that have faced the same situation that still exists in 2014 – there’s not a lot of there, there.

In 2008 OpEd writer & Huffington Post contributor, Rob Kall, stated “Frankly, it almost seems as though the web has been scrubbed of all background on this man of the hour.”  Huffington Post

Also in 2008, Hamilton Nolan at Gawker said much the same thing. “The whole entire media is scrambling to come up with enough background on the guy to fill up a feature story, and it is rough going.”  Gawker

Recently  the L.A. Times ran a piece on Kashkari’s announcement of his intention to consider running for CA Governor calling himself “a different kind of Republican”. He supports abortion rights, same-sex marriage and amnesty which he calls a path to legalization. His advisory team consists of the same people who advised Mitt Romney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sounds like the same ol’, same ol’ and it’s beyond tiring now.  L.A. Times

The below video link is Kashkari dodging direct questions from Rep Manzullo regarding the 3 million dollar bonuses given to AIG executives after the tax payer funded bailout. Kashkari is well versed in dodging and has the composure of an insider who knows the hearing is all for show. The fix was in. YouTube Video


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It’s A Matter of Trust

When trust is broken, whether it be a personal or business relationship, it is very difficult for it to be restored. Many times it is arduous work on both parties and many times impossible.

I can’t imagine the broken trust between Supreme Court Justices, Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Kennedy by Chief Justice John Roberts.  Try to place yourselves in their positions.  A man, who by all accounts, voted with them to strike down the individual mandate and perhaps the whole law, changed his vote at the last momentThe last moment.  Credible information has surfaced this is exactly what happened.  How do you trust a man or woman like that?  Do you question their integrity? Do you question their fortitude?  Does Roberts think it will be forgotten?

As a citizen, I will NEVER trust Chief Justice John Roberts again.  He stated he was a strict constructionist concerning our Constitution.  That is not true.  Either he out-and-out lied or caved under pressure.  He appears to be a political animal like the liberals on the court. This is the third disappointment given to us by Republican presidents.  John Paul Stevens was a disaster, Souter who gave away private property rights was a disaster, and now John Roberts who, for all intense and purposes, placed an IED under the Constitution is a disaster. There is no disaster relief agency or emergency services to repair the damage.  The Democrats and progressives are laughing at the GOP and their choice man who they were able to turn.

Trust is a precious commodity.  It is a pearl among relationships.  In our most difficult days, it is those we trust whom we call, or visit for counsel or comfort. Trusting in man, this man in particular, is in vain.  I believe this scripture is one we need to consider.

Psalm 146:3 (NKJV)
3 Do not put your trust in princes, Nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help.

If a man’s decisions are not thought through in the first instance, then he is unstable.  When it affects the lives of millions of people it is close to criminal.

John Roberts cannot be trusted.  I would hate listening to arguments for the sake of rendering a just opinion while sitting next to this man knowing he cannot be trusted.  This smacks of the same intellectual dishonesty of John Kerry when in his infamous words, “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it.”

Then again we have to ask ourselves. Are we to blame for this? Maybe not directly, yet in our attitudes we are. We look to politicians, political parties, and other institutions of men to make us feel secure and that justice for those governed will prevail.  It has not been so in history and it is certainly not so in America.   We are given an admonition in the book of Jeremiah:

Jeremiah 17:5 (NKJV)
5 Thus says the LORD: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man And makes flesh his strength, Whose heart departs from the LORD. “

Good men and women are hard to find.  Even they can slip; however, a servant of the people and this nation’s Constitution doesn’t have that luxury.  If an irreparable mistake is made, you have denied those principles you vowed to uphold and have set up a tyranny that will imprison our children forever.

We can’t trust the Republican candidates for the Supreme Court. We can’t trust you Chief Justice John Roberts.  That is now your legacy.

I truly feel for the men who will be in that court room in October.  They now know Roberts can’t be trusted.  He makes decisions like a man toss to and fro by winds and no anchor of principle to hold him. What an arduous job it will be for them here on out.


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Bachmann and Our Generation

Michelle Bachmann bowed out of the 2012 Presidential race today.  Her parting speech from the campaign, in my opinion, will be one for the history books.  Should Obama win re-election and our country becomes completely socialized, her parting words will haunt this country for generations to come.  She spoke eloquently of our Founding Fathers, their families and the sacrifices they gave for our freedom. Bachmann’s motive for running for President always seemed about the country not herself.  The impetus was Obamacare.  She, with many of us, fear that freedom is being taken from people to choose their medical care for themselves. Worse yet, you must purchase a government program just because you are a citizen of the United States.  We’ve never been a nation that says you must purchase anything to be a citizen of our country.  What has  brought us this far?

My contention, and you won’t like this, it’s our fault.  We have slumbered with our eyes open while a corrupt educational system and self-absorbed adults have produced a selfish generation of takers. They have played on our most base human characteristics— Me, Myself, and I. It’s the “get out of my way” generation.  They will take it from you if you won’t give it to them.  Occupy Wallstreet mentality is a powerful image of the inward thoughts of these type of people.  Unfortunately, they are now leading this country. The sixties generation.  It holds no standard but feigned compassion for the environment, animals and other pet projects. Yet, helping a neighbor whose barn has burned? Only if the cameras are present.  Any names come to mind? Jackson, Sharpton, and myriads of others in it for themselves.  Other than small islands of those who care for no recognition, and truly care for others, this generation has become altogether corrupt.

We must all look in the mirror, the reflecting mirror of Truth. The only one I know is the Word of God that is a two-edged sword of condemnation and saving comfort. It reaches into the depth of our being, our mind and soul, but only if we allow.  Look at ourselves as God sees us, not some pundit, neighbor, family member or friend.  What is the plumb line we lay against our lives and motives? In our private moments we know the truth of our hypocrisies, our pride, and self-motivating actions we call – good. That is if we’re honest. We see our politicians constantly say “look at him, I’m better than him.”  Easy when the plumb line is crooked, isn’t it.

Until our nation comes to grips with our personal failure of setting aside the Creator who gives us our inalienable rights, we will not right our course. Our Founders knew that. They sought Divine intervention and wisdom to birth this nation of individual freedoms and responsibilities. The problem is responsibility has become a dirty word.  We speak of rights not responsibilities.  It makes us a weak nation. Some use liberty as license. If we continue to seek mans approval we are doomed. They will fail us most of the time.  The Psalmist spoke these words in a time of trial:

Psalm 108:12 (NASB77)
12 Oh give us help against the adversary, For deliverance by man is in vain.

We continue to make the same mistakes. We give power to politicians making promises and giving speeches. Tell me, what have you seen lately from the politicians that lead this country? Are you comfortable?  If so, perhaps we need to look again at the mirror or truth.  Do you feel that freedom is abounding or do you feel like chains are being added daily to the shackles they are providing? They promise deliverance from any all wrongs perceived, manufactured, or real. NO man or woman can do that.  They count on us being sound-bite voters.  Buy the line today, buy the image today, what can I promise you to get your vote.  The honest candidate is hard to find.  I believe Bachmann was one of them.

Our Creator is a forgiving God. He invites the apostate person and nation to come to Him, to turn around. It is a generous, undeserved promise, that should break our hearts.  He says:

“I will love them freely.”   Hosea 14:4

We need to seek our injured Father’s face. Again David said:

“When You said, ‘Seek My face, my heart said to You, Your face Lord, I will seek’.”

I like Michelle Bachmann’s words as she exclaimed her bold confidence “in the God she serves.”   The Lord does give us good men and women who serve others and their countries.  They are far and few between in this “crooked and perverse” in our generation.


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