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Fidel and Barack Paralleled by Cuban Immigrant

Raul E. Jimenez – Guest Author

Raul is an acquaintance on Facebook. He is a Cuban immigrant and has shared many concerns about our country and our current President. After viewing “2016: Obama’s America” he sees parallels between Fidel Castro and Barack Obama.  His words are published with permission. Please note the video of Jon Voight at the end, who agrees, in part with Raul.

Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, is a product of his family environment in Kenya, Honolulu, and Indonesia. Such is the conclusion one can glean from the movie 2016, which I saw in my local theater yesterday. Barack’s mother was, in Cuban slang, a “bollo loco,” a would-be hippie with intellectual capacity for loving, disruption, flowers, ideals, and marrying revolutionaries. She married Barack Senior in Kenya, gave birth to Barack Jr., then left Barack Senior when he turned out to be a noisy revolutionary with several women in tow. Barack’s father was a collectivist drunk, and yet his ex-wife continued to admire him and brainwash Barack Jr. on the greatness of his father.  This continued even after she remarried. Thus, were born Barack Jr.’s dreams from an absent father who hated British Colonials and Imperialists.

Barack Jr. learned left leanings while mentored by Frank Marshall Davis (at the urging of Barry’s grandfather, another communist) in Honolulu. Later in his life Barack Jr. states in the audio version of his book, “Dreams from My Father,” he looked for the company and advice from revolutionaries and communist terrorists of whom his father would have been proud, i.e. Ayers, Reverend Wright, and a communist revolutionary professor at Harvard, a Brazilian by the name of Unger.

The movie ties up nicely how a dysfunctional background twisted little Barack into adopting goals to destroy the USA as a Colonialist country. He came to believe the USA and England to be countries that owed the third world. In Barack’s mind, as much as in his father’s, western countries would exploit riches in the poor countries and take them home to build products they would in turn sell back to the poor. Barack’s real beliefs are that the USA and the West, as well as Israel, owe the third world and must pay for their sins. The thoughts are extended to individuals who, in Barack’s view of the world, are not entitled to the earnings from their products, since these were illegally and unfairly produced.

This all reminded me of Fidel Castro in Cuba, where I was born and lived when the Revolution took place around Christmas of ’58. I have often wondered what made Castro hate his countrymen to the point of ruining the island. The explanation, as in the case of Obama, can be found in his youth.  Castro is the bastard child of a Spanish-born Castro who owned a farm in Eastern Cuba. The old man married a younger, sexier woman, as Spaniards often did in the Caribbean. Social rejection ensued for the children as Cuban society wasn’t kind to children born out-of-wedlock. Castro became what in Cuba was known as an “acomplejado” (someone with some sort of emotional complex). Even as a bastard and, an ”acomplejado,” Fidel managed to get a good education (Jesuits in Santiago, and the University of Havana). He developed an impetuous attitude and a violent spirit against anybody who contradicted him (being the subject of bastard type jokes wasn’t easy). Contrary to Barack he got by through bullying and confrontation.

Barack grew up as a non-confrontational Black seeking help from the Whites he hated. Barack used racial subterfuges and his understanding that Americans felt guilty for slavery. Castro used overtly crooked political tactics while at the University and turned students and others against dictator Batista who was turned into a symbol of injustice and unfairness. Eventually, Castro succeeded by making everyone in Cuba believe that his Revolution would return the prosperous country and republic to democratic ways. He enjoyed support from the US State Department, the CIA, and drunken Hollywood personalities like Errol Flynn. The use of bombs, guerrilla tactics, and Molotov cocktails, demoralized Batista’s Army and they succumbed to the revolutionary assault. The result? Fidel Castro turned Cuba into a Fourth World country that lacks everything from oil to soap and food. The island gets oil for free from Venezuela’s dictator Chavez. Once in power, Fidel dreamt of destroying the United States.

Decades later, Barack Obama has used stealth tactics to easily travel an otherwise difficult road from total unknown (a man who never ran anything and hardly worked for a living) to US Senator and eventually President of the United States in just a couple of years. Fidel took several years of violent outbursts and guerrilla/urban warfare to get to his goal while Barack accomplished in it but a few. Once in power, Barack dreams of destroying the US Constitution and has usurped the means to do it.

As the movie 2016 clearly shows, Barack’s re-election in 2012 would result in the destruction of Israel and a much diminished USA by 2016. Collectivism would replace our American Republic. The dreams of Barack, adopted from his father, would replace our Founder’s American Dream.

Dinesh D’Souza, the movie maker and narrator, shared the same anti-colonialism environment Barack Obama suffered as a child and yet he became a productive, intellectual analyzer of politics and social conditions in a pro-American way. Dinesh’s family, I believe, shared a decency and concept of order that helped the young man to turn into a productive citizen of the United States. Castro and Obama share a similar dysfunctional cast of characters in their early lives and this turned them toward corrupt efforts and deceptive techniques to implement Marxist governments in their countries.

Luckily, in the USA, the effort is not yet complete. If we don’t vote this disastrous impostor out of the White House the USA will become another Cuba, an island today reduced to the disastrous consequences of communism. The movie’s conclusion is obvious: stop Obama from being elected in 2012 or face a defeated country in 2016.

Jon Voight agrees with Raul.


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