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Ron Paul Losers

I expect vitriolic comments and the same old tiresome arguments for their dogged determination to champion their candidate who lost.

I like Ron Paul. He has the courage to say what he truly means. That is rare in politics these days. Those who pander to causes and voters have little to brag about except their lack of principles. I agree with Paul about the financial mess we’re in, the gold standard, and auditing the Fed. I do not agree with his foreign policy positions.

We live in a historic time in our country placing us on the threshold of choosing liberty or tyranny. There are no other choices and that is where the staunch Ron Paul supporters lose. We only have two real choices in November to make that choice. I’m in the same position. My candidate didn’t win.

Earlier today I saw the same old tired attitudes and excuses. One commenter on Facebook used Bill Maher, of all people, for his argument not to see “2016: Obama’s America.” He gave Maher’s explanation of why he wouldn’t see it. That’s your frame of reference? Bill Maher? He wouldn’t even avail himself of the long researched information presented chronologically in the movie concerning our present President’s background. Bill Maher was good enough for him. It makes you wonder how radical some Paul supporters have become.

What happened at the “good old boy” GOP convention was an outrage. The rules change and how it was handled was ghastly. Boehner and Sununu have lost all credibility with many Republicans. Mine was gone years ago. Many will leave the party because of it and even more will actively support and work for a NEW political party that upholds our Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers. I advocate a new party AFTER the election. The “chicken-neck” Republicans who have dined at the trough for generations in Washington D.C. must go or be replaced. The GOP will implode when conservatives and libertarians flee the party. Many are dissenting now. Read “Pavlov’s Republicans.”

The dilemma for the Ron Paul supporters is:

1. Do I continue to support Paul in this election knowing I can’t win and let tyranny reign?

2. Do I take my ball and go home, not vote at all, and support tyranny?

3. Do I stamp my feet, vote for Obama and give him power by fiat and support tyranny?

4. Do I use the facade of  “principles” as my excuse not to TRY and save this nation for our children, grandchildren and future generation? Or, at least give them the chance to fight for liberty should I fail at this juncture?

5. Have I REALLY thought about what it means to have Obama for another four years? With Obama’s track record would I even continue to have freedom to speak of Mr. Paul’s point of view?

6. OR, do I take a deep breath, hold my nose, vote for the only other choice, work to get Constitutionalists in the Senate and House, and work like my life depended on it, (if your senior citizen with Medicare it literally does) then hold the new administrations feet to the fire?

An implacable position makes Paul supporters losers. Why you ask? They will lose when they choose to stay at home or write in their candidate’s name making the CHANCE for freedom regained, lost. The man they so admire is an older gentleman. His life span, in all probability, is not much longer; much like mine. Their hero will no longer be with them. The idol they so admire will be gone. Now the rumor is the Paul supporters will try and suppress the vote for Romney. I can think of no better way to leave a legacy of denigration for a fine man than to demolish the chance at saving our children’s future. They will lose on all sides. They will lose him, their freedom and they will help to denigrate Mr. Paul’s legacy.

Yes, I agree with the Ron Paul supporters and Mark Levin that we have lost our freedoms. Will we have a chance, JUST THE CHANCE, to regain them under Barack Obama? The answer is a resounding NO! The recent detainment of a Facebook user, former marine Brandon Raub, without warrant or arrest, taken to a psychiatric facility until the Rutherford Institute stepped in as his legal counsel, is one indication that your freedoms are one electoral vote away from you.

The REAL questions is:

Do I give away the CHANCE to turn it around so I can continue to work for the things Congressman Ron Paul espoused or do I hand it to a despot willing to take even your freedom to voice Mr. Paul’s positions away? That’s the question. A CHANCE to redeem our freedom or NO chance at all and irrecuperable tyranny.

Like Mark Levin said, if the GOP doesn’t listen, we won’t have to do anything; it will implode. Levin’s audio is what changed my mind.

That’s right. Surprise, surprise I held the same position, however, the logic with which Mr. Levin states his position turned me 180 degrees. I beg good citizens who support Ron Paul not to give up the CHANCE.

Mark Levin: I’d Rather Fight With A Moderate Republican Than Give Obama a Second Term!



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The guiding principal and the reason so many, from so far, have come to the shores of the United States of America was, and is, to enjoy the one principal that no other country has ever been able to achieve. Not only is America the only country to achieve this principal but other countries have never even considered it much less attempted to employ it. It’s not social justice, it’s not handouts and forcibly taking from one to force upon another and it’s certainly not free housing and college tuition that brought so many immigrants to our shores.

They came for Freedom. The guiding light. The gold standard of a just nation. The reason men and women of good will and faith offered their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. Yes, it was then, and is now, for Freedom. Nothing more, nothing less.

Men, women & children left homes, families and familiar surroundings not to come to America and apply for a loan to buy a house, but to have the freedom to reach their full potential and become, yes, I’ll say it, successful. Not only successful but free to enjoy that success and pass it on to their families. Why would an Italian, a German, a Korean or any number of people from all races & cultures risk their safety and futures for a house? The idea is absurd on its face. As absurd as a man joining the military for the purpose of learning how to have good posture.

Yet, no matter how absurd this notion is we are expected not only believe but to propagate this lie as the one reason people came, and continue to come, to America. How many times have we heard the ruling class trumpeting home ownership as the American dream? No, it’s the “F” word. The word that is never uttered by the progressive thinkers of the world. Why? Because Freedom is the biggest threat to tyranny and America is the beacon of that threat. America is the last frontier for the progressive. Destroy her and all barriers to tyranny are defeated.

So let’s look at the definition of Tyranny from Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary so we understand why the “F” word is anathema to the progressive;

1. Arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.
2. The government or rule of a tyrant or absolute ruler.
3. Undo severity or harshness.

Now, let’s look at the definition of he who practices tyranny, the Tyrant;

1. A king or ruler who uses his power oppressively or unjustly.
2. A person in a position of authority who exercises power oppressively or despotically.
3. An absolute ruler.

How about Webster’s definition of the “F” word;

1. The power to make one’s own choices or decisions without constraint from within or without.
2. Civil liberty as opposed to subjection to an arbitrary or despotic government.
3. Personal liberty as opposed to bondage or slavery.

We see the differences more clearly when we really understand the definitions of the words. We see more clearly why Freedom has become the “F” word never to be uttered by the tyrannical despots all over the world. A group so cowardly they hide behind the progressive fronts of the UN, NATO & the EPA, to name but a few, and the unjust rules and regulations that make all of us a criminal simply by virtue of getting up in the morning with the courage to live our lives as we see fit. We who believe in the “F” word are the enemy of tyranny.

The definition of today’s progressive thinker is best described through the medical definition; continuously increasing in extent or severity, a disease.

As American citizens we must work for the cure or face losing the “F” word to the annals of history.



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